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I came across a blog recently and I love it so much that I wanted to share it with you too! 

Anneka blogs at Lady in Liguria and writes about her experiences of long distance love, finding happiness and living between London and Liguria. 

Thank you Anneka for letting me share your blog.

I did everything they told me to do. 

Everything that was programmed into my consciousness for ‘getting on in life’, which I assumed at the time meant happiness. 

I worked tirelessly at school to achieve top grades, secured a Masters degree and landed a job as a Management Consultant at one of the largest consulting firms in the world, but I was totally empty.  

Anneka had been sucked away!

Of course, I’d been manipulated by the global machine of consumerism. I was a success in the system but a failure in my heart. All along I was so brimful of hope that something magnificent would happen to me. But nothing ever did. The slog of life continued as did my doubts about the ‘system’.
I had a fascination with Albert Einstein simply because I was born on the same day as him in March. One of his quotes lingered in my mind:

‘‘A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?’’

This was how I viewed myself with the society I lived in.
Lost and seeking a balance in life, I ventured on an unknown trip of discovery with my equally lost friend (we always synchronised our lives).  

We had a one way ticket to Turin and nearly a month in which to discover. 

On day two I found the answer. 

We drove to this unfamiliar place called Liguria. I remember the moment we left the motorway and entered the coastal road. 

I was suddenly awakened. 

Being in this place felt like wearing an old faithful pair of slippers – so comforting. 

As life does, it dealt me with another unexpected development – love. 

And so this love affair began with endless trips to Liguria.

There were moments where I felt so alienated from a lack of understanding about the Italian culture. 

Why do they insist I eat so much pasta?

Why do they always want a fight?

Why are the family so interfering in my life

This transition of understanding and integration with the Italian culture and community was one of the biggest lessons I’ve ever learned. 

I learned about all the things they should have taught me at school – to relax and enjoy the moment, to really love other people, not to be scared of pasta because a big bottom is a happy bottom, and that the family is one unit. 

They are there through thick and thin. 

Adopting this new philosophy of life gave me so much insight and wisdom. 

It also gave me happiness.  

What more could you want than that?
I don’t live permanently in Liguria. I split my time there with working in the city of London.  

Writing my blog ‘Lady in Liguria’ allows me to reminisce about the wonderful moments when times get tough, to dream of the future and to share the delights of such a magical place with others. 

Liguria, its people and the way of life is a paradise on earth.

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