Disney Princess Royal Boutique Cash Register Review and Video

We’re big fans of all things Disney in our home. Our twin girls, who are almost four years old, love the magic that only Disney films can offer, so can you imagine the delight on their faces when we received the Disney Princess Royal Boutique Cash Register to review! With an RRP of £24.99, I think that the Disney Princess Royal Boutique Cash Register is excellent value for money. To turn the till on, you just press the on/off button. What I love about this toy is that it’s also a calculator, so it’s almost like two toys in one! The… [Read More]

The Christmas Boutique Review

I’m so looking forward to Christmas this year! The twins gifts have been bought and all that’s left to do is put them together and wrap them up! I can’t wait to see their little faces light up Christmas morning when they see what Santa has brought them! When it comes to Christmas I’m like a big kid! I love the whole run up to Christmas! The buying and wrapping presents, cooking the Christmas cake and putting decorations up! I actually made some crafty Christmas trees with the twins a few weeks ago! We have a few Christmas decorations, but… [Read More]

Travelling: Rome

I quite often post about Twin Daddy and I’s travels before our girls were born. In my first ever ‘meme’ which I called: “Before You Were Born” I talk fondly of our time in Rome. We’ve been twice and second time around it was just as enjoyable, if not more, than first time around. Rome, as many people know, is the capital of Italy and has 2.7 million residents, but did you also know that Rome is the only city in the world to contain in it’s interior a whole state; the enclave of Vatican City.  (Source: Wikipedia). On our first… [Read More]