Local Banking

TSB Bank is Britain’s newest bank and they are back in 631 high streets right across Britain. In 1810 the Reverend Henry Duncan believed deeply in the value of the ordinary working people. He wanted to do something of real lasting value to help overcome poverty.

Reverend Henry Duncan did something revolutionary. He created a bank whose sole purpose was to help hard working local people.

TSB Bank illustrates their story wonderfully in the short animated video below. It starts out by showing the Reverend Henry Duncan sat at a desk, writing and the bank is then built around him. A man with a young boy enter and I imagine them to be father and son. They sit at the desk with Reverend Henry Duncan and after talking for a while they shake hands.

As the bank continues to grow, so too does the surrounding community. Lush green grass envelopes the land as buildings and businesses go up one by one. The local people appear happy and go about their normal daily lives after creating a thriving community community together.


A storm came and in the turbulent times that followed it was easier to think that the ideals of Reverend Henry Duncan held so near had been lost forever. They hadn’t. They were always there, near-by. They were just waiting to be found.

Reverend Henry Duncan believed by helping hard working local people, industry could be encouraged and a sense of pride and independence would foster when a bank serves the community with the peoples interests at its heart.

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