Craft Piggy Bank Competition Entry

Thinkmoney recently sent us two crafty piggy banks along with a £30.00 Hobbycraft voucher so that our twins can decorate them to be in with a chance of winning £200 to kick-start their hand-made piggy banks! Did you know that recent research conducted by thinkmoney showed that three quarters of parents would like financial education to start in primary school. I think this is a brilliant idea because having healthy financial skills can help you to budget for the future.  I often feel that real life topics such as savings, mortgages, how to buy a house etc should be part of… [Read More]

Local Banking

TSB Bank is Britain’s newest bank and they are back in 631 high streets right across Britain. In 1810 the Reverend Henry Duncan believed deeply in the value of the ordinary working people. He wanted to do something of real lasting value to help overcome poverty. Reverend Henry Duncan did something revolutionary. He created a bank whose sole purpose was to help hard working local people. TSB Bank illustrates their story wonderfully in the short animated video below. It starts out by showing the Reverend Henry Duncan sat at a desk, writing and the bank is then built around him…. [Read More]

The London Egg Bank

Britain’s first dedicated egg bank opened earlier this month on September 17th in London. Its aim is to help the growing number of women in this country needing donor eggs to have a baby.  The London Egg Bank will attract a new generation of altruistic women willing to donate their eggs to help another anonymous woman to become a mum. Due to a shortage of egg donors in Britain, many infertile women needing donor eggs have few options other than to travel overseas where the supply is greater. Mary started her IVF journey at a clinic in Woking. After three failed attempts at IVF, Mary decided to use donor eggs. Her… [Read More]