Craft Piggy Bank Competition Entry

Thinkmoney recently sent us two crafty piggy banks along with a £30.00 Hobbycraft voucher so that our twins can decorate them to be in with a chance of winning £200 to kick-start their hand-made piggy banks!

Did you know that recent research conducted by thinkmoney showed that three quarters of parents would like financial education to start in primary school. I think this is a brilliant idea because having healthy financial skills can help you to budget for the future. 
I often feel that real life topics such as savings, mortgages, how to buy a house etc should be part of the curriculum. It would help to give children a better understanding of their finances and how things work when it comes to money and buying a home. 
I know that when it comes to teaching my children about money I’ll start early. Pocket money is a great way to do this as it teaches children how to save for something they want, but also how to manage their own money.
Now, onto the crafts!
I set everything up ready for our girls. I decided to use paint for them to add some colour to their pigs first. A mixture of blue, green, red and yellow.

R and M loved painting their pigs. They were so careful to make sure they didn’t miss a bit and their concentration when painting the feet and under the piggy bank was amazing to watch!

Once their pigs were painted we left them to dry overnight. 

The following morning I got our crafty bits out to start decorating!

Our girls love buttons so I thought it would be a good product to use to decorate their pigs. I also used the voucher to buy some bright pink flowers and the girls decided that these would look on the piggy banks bums!
I emptied a bottle of PVA glue onto a plate for R and M and they then used their paintbrushes to paint the glue onto their piggy banks before carefully sticking the buttons one-by-one.

I did have to use superglue to get the flowers to stay on as they are quite large!
I loved how creative our girls were in adding extra details such as buttons for the pigs nose and also how careful they were not to cover up the slot where the money goes in!

They loved decorating their piggy banks and I loved helping and watching them too! We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that we win!

For the purpose of this post we were sent two piggy banks and a £30 Hobbycraft voucher. All opinions and views are 100% my own.

15 thoughts on “Craft Piggy Bank Competition Entry

    1. It was so much fun! I wish I had an extra pig so I could decorate it! I kept trying to stick buttons on, but the girls were having none of it as they wanted to do it themselves!! x

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