Finding the right person for the job?

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Finding a local tradesperson or other service in your area can be pretty time consuming. Where would you start looking? Perhaps those little cards you see in shop windows? Maybe you could look on your local Facebook group, ask your friends or neighbours for a recommendation or perhaps search online? There is an easier way and it’s called Bidvine. Bidvine is a local services tech startup, connecting customers with the right service providers all over the UK. Whether you want a personal trainer, piano lessons, a painter and decorator or Spanish lessons, Bidvine, is a great place to start your search…. [Read More]

A swimming trip on my own with our girls

I was so excited to be able to take our girls swimming on my own last week! Not because I didn’t want my husband to come with us, but because as a mum of twins I’ve never been able to taken them on my own before. All of my friends who have one baby enjoy weekly trips to the swimming pool whilst their husbands are at work, but because I have twins I’ve never been able to do to this. Our local leisure centre won’t allow one adult to take two children under the age of four swimming on their… [Read More]

Are Facebook selling groups putting charity shops in danger of closing?

This is a bit of a random post, but bear with me! I do have a valid point and I’d love to hear what you think! I can’t remember when exactly, but for quite some time I have been a member of a local selling group on Facebook. I live in small village and I’m pretty sure everyone in the village who is in on Facebook is in this group! It’s a great little group, especially for grabbing a bargain when it comes to kids toys. I’ve bought numerous toys, books and even a cross trainer from this selling group…. [Read More]

J’s Adoption Story

A big thank you to J and her beautiful family for sharing their adoption story with me and for allowing me to share it with you. My daughter is the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world. She is also the smartest and funniest toddler on the face of the planet. I know these are ridiculously absurd statements to make, but for me they are true.  When people tell me that she is my spitting image – which happens almost every day – I literally swell with pride, hardly able to contain my smile.  Every single day of… [Read More]

Home Education: My Questions Answered Featuring Katie

This post is part of a series of posts about home education. I’ll be looking into the advantages and disadvantages of home education in a bid to find out if it for us. In my post called ‘Is home education the way forward?’ I talked about some of my concerns with regard to an education at home and I introduced you to two wonderful home educators, Katie and Prudence. During my research into home education, I found that the more I learnt the more questions I had. Both Katie and Prudence kindly agreed to answer my questions. As there are… [Read More]

Local Banking

TSB Bank is Britain’s newest bank and they are back in 631 high streets right across Britain. In 1810 the Reverend Henry Duncan believed deeply in the value of the ordinary working people. He wanted to do something of real lasting value to help overcome poverty. Reverend Henry Duncan did something revolutionary. He created a bank whose sole purpose was to help hard working local people. TSB Bank illustrates their story wonderfully in the short animated video below. It starts out by showing the Reverend Henry Duncan sat at a desk, writing and the bank is then built around him…. [Read More]