Developing a Healthy Relationship with Money for Life

DIt’s long been established that money can’t buy happiness. At the same time, it’s challenging to be happy without a halfway healthy relationship with money. Shopping splurges, extravagant trips, lavish dinners, underused flashy subscriptions, new cars, spacious homes, high-end clothes — this world tempts us with an endless array of enticing things. While none of these things are inherently bad, they could also suggest warning signs of a problematic relationship with money.  Below we’ll discuss how to develop a healthy relationship with money for life so you can enjoy the day-to-day purchases without jeopardising your financial future. Learn Only to… [Read More]

The Busy Parents Guide to Surviving Christmas

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year, yet it can also be one of the most stressful times too. I love buying gifts for my family. The excitement of choosing the perfect gift for each recipient gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling. However, the cost of the Christmas gives me an together completely different feeling! Here are some tips that will hopefully make the Christmas season a little less stressful. Save money throughout the year. This is possibly easier said than done, but small, regular amounts can soon add up. It’s also worth looking to your… [Read More]

Millennials Spend Less Money on Jewellery Now Compared to Two Decades Ago

How much money would you or do you spend on jewellery? Although I own a fair amount of jewellery, I don’t spend an awful lot of money on it. I also don’t buy jewellery on a regular basis, and it appears that I’m not alone in this. According to industry analysts Millennials simply don’t see the value in spending their money on valuables. According to Sarah Berger of, “Millennials gravitate toward spending money on experiences, and not things.” Like myself, todays younger generation are far more likely to spend significant money on travelling to places such as Thailand and… [Read More]

How much life insurance do parents need?

It seems like for most of us our disposable income is constantly being squeezed. As a result, our regular outgoings, such as utility bills, TV subscriptions and food shopping need to be monitored and where possible savings made. But what about our life insurance cover? As a parent, I appreciate how important life insurance is in order to protect the financial future of our loved ones. But how do we ensure our life insurance is as comprehensive and cost-effective as possible? We asked the award-winning broker Reassured to help identify how much life insurance to take out and importantly how… [Read More]

5 Easy Money Saving Tips For The Summer

Guest Post Author Bio Mel Trudgett lives in the UK on the beautiful Jurassic Coast, with her partner, 2 daughters and their very hairy, but adorable dog, Lola. She set up with the aim of helping people to change how they think and feel about money. She also gives practical tips on how to make money from home and how to save money. 5 Easy Money Saving Tips For The Summer The long summer months can be bad news when you’re trying to stick to a budget, but these 5 money saving tips will help you stick to your… [Read More]

Money Saving Tips for Busy Parents

As a parent I know how hard it can be to keep children entertained during the long summer months. I also know how expensive it can be. That’s why I’m doing everything I can now to ensure that our summer holidays are fun, but cheap! Many people often think that in order to have fun or experience something new, you need to spend money, but that’s always the case. Here are some of my favourite and most useful money saving tips for busy parents this summer: Get Outdoors So many things are free and don’t have to be boring. If… [Read More]

What age should children get pocket money?

Our twins are six year olds and earlier this year, my husband and I made the decision to give them pocket money. It’s not a fortune, at just £1 a week, but we thought it would be a good way to introduce our children to the idea of money. While some parents will offer their children pocket money in return for chores, our girls don’t need to do chores to receive their £1 a week pocket money. However, I’m very open to the idea of allowing them to earn extra money on top of their £1 a week if they… [Read More]

Easy Ways for you to Save Money When You Have a Family

If you know that you need to start saving money because you want to book a family holiday or even because you want to try and have more money on a day to day basis for your family then there are things that you can do to try and help yourself with this. The best thing about these tips is that you won’t find yourself constantly struggling to say no to your family, and they are very easy to follow. Make a Plan The first thing that you need to do is have a monthly savings goal. The idea here… [Read More]

Ways to Make Money for Busy Mums

You know that being a mum is a full time job. Unfortunately it’s not one that pays, which isn’t great. Spending time with your little ones is amazing, but bills still need to be paid and for mums it can be hard to find work.  Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to top up your income. These solutions are ideal for busy mums because they are flexible, easy and perfect to do from home. So if you’re ever stuck at home with the kids then at least you know you can be making money at the… [Read More]

Money Making Side Hustles To Boost Your Finances

Now that spring is finally making an appearance we can start to dust off the cobwebs of winter and look ahead to the warmer months. What this sometimes does is enable us to consider things like holiday time with the family and or activities to do during the summer break. But these can all cost money, and often a fixed income means there isn’t much left over to save for all of the fun things you want to do. If this sounds like your situation right now don’t despair. I thought I would share with you some of the money… [Read More]