An Extra Special London Marathon Fundraising Update That You Won’t Want To Miss!

Phew, that was a rather long title for a blog post! It’s worth it though because this really is an extra special London marathon fundraising update that you won’t want to miss!

As many people who read my blog or follow me on social media will know, I’ve been lucky enough to receive a charity place at the London marathon 2019 with a wonderful charity called WellChild.

WellChild is the national UK children’s charity making it possible for children and young people with exceptional health needs to be cared for at home instead of hospital, wherever possible.

When I was offered my place back in April of this year I felt quite overwhelmed. I’ve run two half marathons, but the thought of having to double that distance is scary. It’s going to mean a lot of training is required of me. On top of this I was also facing the mammoth task of fundraising £1,600.

Never one to turn a challenge down, I set about making a fundraising plan straight away. I wrote down lots of ideas, some of which I’ve completed, others i’m yet to make a start on.

Some of these ideas included supermarket bucket collections, cake sales, a Christmas party, possibly a family fun day etc, plus many other ideas.

At first I shared my fundraising page every where and anywhere constantly. Donations slowly started to come in from family and friends, but I knew I’d need to do more.

I was very lucky in the early stages of my fundraising that two local business, Rhiwbina Dental and Four Walls Online, very kindly offered to sponsor me. This was a great boost to my fundraising.

My first event was a charity magic show for children. After this I set up a coffee morning in my home for some school parents, followed by a number of supermarket and garden centre bucket collections.

I also made dreamcatchers which I sold, and also sold second hand goods with all of the proceeds going towards my fundraising.

In addition to this I continued to share my fundraising page online.

In the last week of October I received a very generous donation from someone I’ve never met before, and this donation was rather special.

It was the donation which saw me achieve my £1,600 fundraising target.

When I look at my fundraising page I can see that I’ve received funds every single month since I found out that I had a place, and I think that’s truly amazing.

With that, I wanted to say a very, very, very big thank you to everyone who has donated, attended an event, sponsored me and supported me in various ways. I really couldn’t have raised all of this money for such a wonderful charity without you all, but it’s not over yet!

Although I’ve achieved my fundraising target which means I can relax a bit and focus more on training, I still want to raise even more money for WellChild.

If you can spare any change. Even if it’s just £1, that would mean so much to both WellChild, the families that they support and also me. You can donate online here: 

So once again, a big thank you to every one!

3 thoughts on “An Extra Special London Marathon Fundraising Update That You Won’t Want To Miss!

  1. Congratulations lovely! your hard work paid off and now you can focus on training and perhaps smash your PB? Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

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