The top 3 benefits of quitting a bad habit

Habits are sticky behaviors that can be incredibly hard to shake off. Sadly, most people pick up bad habits that end up consuming their lifestyles. Such habits not only jeopardize our wellbeing but also prevent us from pursuing our ambitions. Ultimately, bad habits sap your energy and reduce your self-esteem considerably.

Top psychologists concur that your habits affect how happy and successful you are. You don’t just start behaving in a certain way: there’s some science behind habit. Initially, your brain is triggered by a cue, then you gradually develop deep cravings. This triggers a response in an attempt to satisfy these cravings, turning into a habit over time. This response finally offers a reward. Gladly, you can curb terrible habits by rewarding your cravings with healthier options.

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Here are the top 3 benefits of quitting a bad habit:


  • Helps you live longer


The University of Queensland once conducted a research that had surprising results: a single hour spent watching television could reduce your life by around 22 minutes! Apparently, being a couch potato has detrimental effects on your lifespan. Most people spend hours watching television instead of doing productive work. This habit often crops up from a young age when our developing brains are still mesmerized by animations and cartoon shows.

Watching less television will have profound consequences on your wellness. Apart from increasing your lifespan significantly, it will help to enhance your fitness since you’ll participate in more physical activities. Basically, sitting down for lengthy periods isn’t good for you.


  • Saving your finances


Alcohol addiction is a terrible habit that develops very subtly. Although some people drink only on social occasions, others take to the bottle whenever they are stressed out. The results of excessive inebriation are heartbreaking: you not only destroy close relationships with those you love, money suddenly starts becoming scarce. Cutting off this bad habit could save your wallet and your health as well. It’s not a secret that alcohol causes liver cirrhosis, a potentially perilous medical condition that causes severe liver damage. The high sugar levels contained in most alcoholic beverages also increase visceral fat within the body, increasing the risk of contracting high blood pressure and other lifestyle ailments.

It’s crucial to learn how to stop drinking – this will help you save a few dollars that could be channeled towards more meaningful engagements. Remember the physician’s advice: an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


  • Improving your intelligence and memory


Consuming lots of sugary foods can severely harm your health. Research has unearthed just how dangerous excessive sugar consumption really is by linking it with memory loss. By reducing your sugar intake, you will be promoting better memory and cognition. Tasty treats are a big menace that should be quickly nipped in the bud. They lead to severe wrinkling of the skin, making you look older than your real age. Excessive smoking also causes similar results. If you want to remain youthful for longer, steer clear from cigarettes and sugary treats.

These three benefits should encourage you to quit those bad habits that you’ve been inadvertently clinging on.

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