Weight Loss Update: Week 8

I hoped that I would be starting this post in a better frame of my mind.

I’ve only got myself to blame and I should have seen it coming really.  
I haven’t exercised again this week. Yes, I still have a cough, but my cold has gone now.
The first week of my cold I genuinely couldn’t have exercised because my chest was so tight. 
The week after I still had a cold, but I was well enough to exercise. I just used my cold as an excuse not to.
Food wise this week. I’ve had a mcdonalds for lunch, cake, creme eggs and, well you get the gist!
Last week I weighed in at 10st5 having a lost 1lb the week before. This week I weigh 10st6. I’ve gained 1lb. 
I thought had gained more than this, so I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the scales!
I know I keep saying that since starting the 12 week NHS Live Well plan that it’s changed my eating habits, but it really has. 
The thing is I feel even more guilty now than I did before I started the plan about what I’m eating. 
Maybe, no scrap that, definitely, because I’m more aware of how many calories I’m consuming. 
I promise myself and you! That from this day forward I will consume no more than 1,400 calories a day. 
I will eat fruit and more vegetables.
I will exercise more and use my cross trainer so that I will have a beach body to die for come our summer holiday later this year!
Wish me luck!
My New Years resolution is brought to you in colloboration with Argos. 

2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update: Week 8

  1. You really mustn't be too hard on yourself. Having a 'bad' week is normal and does happen. It's mor important that you know it was an anomaly, not the norm. McDonalds and Creme Eggs are occasionally a necessity 😉

  2. It's tough to stick to a diet/exercise regimen when you aren't feeling well. Sometimes I find at the tail end of a cold a little cardio helps kick it out, but the first few days I feel like rest is the best. And I agree with BakedPotato Mummy sometimes McDonalds and Crème eggs are needed!

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