Ozeri Weight Master II 200kg Digital Bathroom Scale with BMI Review

I was recently sent an Ozeri Weight Master II 200kg Digital Bathroom Scale with BMI and Weight Change Detection to review. My current scales are digital, but they just display my weight. The innovative weight master scales do so much more than that. Each person in your household can have their own profile (maximum of six profiles) so it’s easy for every individual to track their weight and monitor their progress. Setting up the scales is easy. You simply pull the tab out of the back and then lay them on the floor. It’s suggested that you lay them on a hard… [Read More]

Weight Loss Update: Week 8

I hoped that I would be starting this post in a better frame of my mind.   I’ve only got myself to blame and I should have seen it coming really.     I haven’t exercised again this week. Yes, I still have a cough, but my cold has gone now.   The first week of my cold I genuinely couldn’t have exercised because my chest was so tight.    The week after I still had a cold, but I was well enough to exercise. I just used my cold as an excuse not to.   Food wise this week…. [Read More]

Weight Loss Update Week 6

To read last weeks post please click here.   This week has been a much better week compared with last week. Although I still have a cold which has meant I haven’t been able to exercise again this week as I’m quite wheezy, I have been pretty much on track food wise.    Last week I gained 1lb, but I’m pleased to say that this week I have lost 1lb! My new current weight is 10st6.    I’m definitely feeling better than last week, so this week I hope to be back on track with my exercise. I’ve been really enjoying… [Read More]

Weight Loss Update Week 2

To read last weeks post, please click here.  Today is day 14 and food wise I have continued to maintain a healthy diet and even more impressive my will power is actually stronger than last week! I haven’t eaten any junk food now for two weeks and I don’t miss it. I thought I would based on the amount of junk food I ate before I started this diet, but I’m so pleased that I have stuck with this diet so far. My target weight is 9st7 and at my last weigh in 7 days ago I weighed 10st7. I now… [Read More]

Weight Loss Update: Week One

In this post I will detail my progress daily, but my next updates probably won’t include daily updates, more of a general update. I started on the NHS 12 week plan on  Saturday, December 28th, weighing 11st1.   Today is day seven and I now weigh 10st7. I’m quite surprised by my weight loss because I’ve been eating well and I feel full, not hungry.    But…   I have made a number of changes that I genuinly believe has helped. The first change is not eating after 7pm and the second change is only eating when I am genuinly hungry.   … [Read More]

On a mission to lose weight

One of my new years resolutions is to loose weight. After doing some research online and looking at various types of diets I have decided that the one I’ll be following is the NHS Live Well 12 week plan. I used the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator to check my BMI and it came back as 25.64. This means I am overweight, although only just. I thought I would add the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator to this post because chances are if you’re reading this post you may be thinking about loosing weight too so you may find it useful.   BMI… [Read More]