Weight Loss Update: Week 8

I hoped that I would be starting this post in a better frame of my mind.   I’ve only got myself to blame and I should have seen it coming really.     I haven’t exercised again this week. Yes, I still have a cough, but my cold has gone now.   The first week of my cold I genuinely couldn’t have exercised because my chest was so tight.    The week after I still had a cold, but I was well enough to exercise. I just used my cold as an excuse not to.   Food wise this week…. [Read More]

Oh, what a night!

Nightmare What a nightmare last night was! Both girls by 730pm were tired, grouchy and irritable. Neither took their bottle very well and both girls were a nightmare to settle. Both were upset and crying a lot more than normal. Teething? Possibly, so again some granules, bonjela, calpol and nurofen played a part but both girls ended up in bed with us and eventually twin daddy ended up on the sofa with R……again! New Plan So, what is tonight’s plan?  An earlier bedtime! We usually start bathing the girls at 730pm but tonight we are going to start at 630pm…. [Read More]

What happened to sleep?

I have heard a number of times over the last few weeks from lots of different women, that mums who say their baby sleeps through the night must be lying. Our twin girls have always slept through the night and have done so from about 10 weeks of age. I don’t know why. We didn’t do anything special other than introducing a bedtime routine of bath, swaddle, bottle and bed.  Maybe it comes down to their days in special care? The first 27 days of their lives were spent in hospital. At night time, the light was always on and… [Read More]

8 months old: The Twins First Ilness

We got so far! 8 months with no illnesses!  It all started when I came back from my first visit to baby group. A few days after both girls were a bit full up. Snotty noses, sneezing, phlegm, you catch my drift! Then, two days ago, both girls threw up in the evening. I didn’t think much of it as it was a one off that day. Yesterday however, both girls couldn’t keep any milk or food down. They were both upset, tired and inconsolable. By 5pm, we decided to call the out of hours doctors as both girls seemed… [Read More]