Toddlers and Technology

Our girls are three and a half years old. They started nursery a few weeks ago and they’re growing up so quickly.

The scary thing is that the world they’re growing up in is so different to the world that I grew up in.

My sister and I would spend our spare time outdoors playing with our friends. We’d either go over their house or to the local park, or simply just wander around.

At home my sister and I shared one pretty big desktop computer. The internet connection was dial-up so it was a pretty poor connection and you just had to pray that no-one picked up the phone whilst you were connected.

We’d play Rollercoaster Tycoon which was on a floppy disk – remember those?!

I don’t think I was on Facebook back then – did it even exist back then? I can’t remember. Twitter certainly didn’t. My Space and Bebo did, but I wasn’t on Bebo, just My Space and to be honest with you I hardly ever used it as I didn’t really see the point in it.

I remember going over my friends house and watching her on MSN chatting to people she didn’t even know and thinking that was pretty cool – the naivety of me!

I had a mobile phone, but I generally used it to play snake on, text a few of my friends and phone my mum or dad for a lift home!

Nowadays I think children are under so much pressure to be tech savvy. There’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, G+, Periscope, WhatsApp, Ello and so many more different platforms that I probably haven’t heard of!

Every child has a phone, tablet and games console too. It’s a constant pressure to keep up with the latest trends and popular places to be online.

My husband and I are both just as guilty at spending far too much time online. We both have Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts and all the rest. I do try to limit the amount of time I spend online, but sometimes I’ll become engrossed in something and before I know it an hour has gone by.

We both have iPads, but to be honest we never really use them. They just sit in the corner of our living room on a shelf collecting dust. We tend to use our iPhones and my Macbook Pro to do our online trawling.

I decided to let our twins have a go on our iPads not long ago. They’ve been on them before, a good few years ago, but we ended up putting them away again as both of our girls became  frustrated and bad tempered after using them. I put it down to them being too young at the time.

It seems though that they’re still a bit too young. I gave them an iPad each which has a few kids games downloaded onto them about a week ago. Whilst they’re really good at playing the games such as matching the cards, putting the right shape into the right shape hole and doing jigsaws on them etc, I’ve found that their behaviour changes.

They constantly ask to use their iPads and when they’re on them they get bad tempered. As a result I’ve put them away again until they’re a bit older.

Do you let your toddler use an iPad? I don’t even let them use my phone. I prefer to see them playing outdoors or with their toys indoors. Building a Lego tower, reading a book or making up role-playing scenarios with one another.

What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Toddlers and Technology

  1. Great post!! I totally agree with you. My girls are only 18months mind, but i would much prefer the girls outdoors building a den or go on their bikes qhen theyre older than indoors playing with an ipad/phone all day! Xxx

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment. I totally agree. Getting them outdoors instead of stuck on a tablet is a much better idea. My childhood was spent outdoors x

  2. My son loved them but it did change his behaviour if he was on it for too long. We began setting an alarm that would remind us to get him off it and that stopped the behaviour issues. I do love some of the educational games. Kirsten

    1. Hi Kirsten, thanks for your comment. The educational games are really good and limiting the time they're on them is a good idea, but I've found the problem is also getting them off them!

  3. I'm dreading having to keep with whatever the latest Instagram or Twitter is just so I can keep tabs & make sure they're safe – it really is a different world now… #MyFavouritePost

  4. I think we have a good mix of both, the little ones are allowed an hour a day but only at weekends, Ellie (10) is allowed an hour a day AFTER she has done all her homework/read her school book etc. I much prefer them to be crafting, playing etc. But osometimes…well needs must! 😉 Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! An hour a day seems good to me at weekends. I think as Ellie is older than our girls that's pretty good going. I know a few 10 year olds who are obsessed! x

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