To invite the whole class or not? Birthday Party Dilemma!

R and M, our twin girls started nursery in September. They were just over three and a half years old and thankfully have settled in well. They’re soon to be four years old and this has left me wondering what to do about the girls birthday. Not long after starting nursery the girls and the rest of their class were invited to a joint birthday party. There’s another set of twins in their class and they were having a joint birthday party with their cousin. They’d invited the entire class. I kind of assumed this was the norm as it… [Read More]

Ten quick and easy lunch ideas for kids

Finding something quick and easy to make for hungry children can be a bit of a challenge. I usually make lunch for our girls before I pick them up from school, but sometimes I don’t have time. Here are some quick and easy lunch ideas for you to try. Sandwiches From a simple ham and cheese sandwich to something a bit more exciting, sandwiches are quick and easy. You can get sandwich fillers from supermarkets or try a number of different combinations. Some of our favourites are ham, cheese, ham and cheese, cheese and tomato. Toasties Much like a sandwich… [Read More]

Family Friendly Package Holidays

Holidays pre-kids are great. You can go last minute. You don’t have to worry about packing as you can throw some dresses, shorts and sandals into a backpack and be on your way. Holidays post-kids however is a different story all together! Gone are the days of travelling light with just a backpack in tow. It was brilliant being able to hop off the plane and head straight out of the doors. There was no need to wait for suitcases to come off of the conveyor belt or last minute pit stops for the loo! We’d find the nearest bus… [Read More]

Toddlers and Technology

Our girls are three and a half years old. They started nursery a few weeks ago and they’re growing up so quickly. The scary thing is that the world they’re growing up in is so different to the world that I grew up in. My sister and I would spend our spare time outdoors playing with our friends. We’d either go over their house or to the local park, or simply just wander around. At home my sister and I shared one pretty big desktop computer. The internet connection was dial-up so it was a pretty poor connection and you… [Read More]

Pisamonas Back to School Shoe Review!

Pisamonas – A name I’ve come to love. Not just because it’s a cool name for an online children’s shoe store, but because they also happen to be a brand that I love! Pisamonas have a fantastic range of high quality kids footwear designed and made in Spain. I happen to know that they really are high quality because I own a pair of their sandals and our twins also have a pair each. You can read about their spring/summer collection here. In this post I’ll be reviewing two pairs of Leather Lace Up Oxford Shoes which will be perfect for our girls when… [Read More]

Daily stresses every parent of toddlers face

Every parent says that being a parent is the hardest, yet most rewarding job you can ever do. I totally agree with this! Every day parents across the world experience daily battles and stressful situations with their children, regardless of how old they are. My twins are three years old and here are a few of the daily stresses and battles we go through: Having breakfast From the moment they wake up (which is far too early for my liking!), they’re ready to play. Getting them to the breakfast table can take anything from a few minutes on a good… [Read More]

Going on holiday with twin toddlers

This month we’ll be going on our second family holiday abroad. The first time we went was two years ago. My mother-in-law paid for us to go, which was very kind of her and she’s paying again this year. We’re going to Menorca, which is where we went two years ago although we’ll be staying at a different hotel this time around. Our twins were 18 months old the first time we took them abroad. I remember packing so much stuff into my hand luggage to keep them entertained and occupied on the plane. I packed magnetic books, playing cards… [Read More]

Stress busting tips for travelling with toddlers!

Are we there yet? I’m bored! How many times have you heard this whilst travelling with your little ones. Even if we’re just going a short distance down the road, I get asked the inevitable, “Are we there yet?” question! A recent survey carried out by Airport’s, parking and hotels (APH) has revealed that 15.6% of people thought that travelling with children was one of the main causes of travel stress in the UK. I can really relate to this! We’re going on holiday next month with our twins and will be travelling by plane as we’re flying to Menorca…. [Read More]

Stranger Danger

Have you taught your children about the dangers of talking to strangers yet? I haven’t. Not because I’m an irresponsible parent – although I guess some people may view it that way – but because it simply didn’t cross my mind. My children are three years old and they’re always with me. They never run away from me. They’re always at my side. You may think I’m joking, but I’m not! When I take them to the park or play groups they won’t go anywhere without me. They’ll ask to go on the slide or to go and play with… [Read More]

Teaching Children about their Bodies

R and M are due to start nursery in September so I think it’s about time that I talked to them about their bodies. Call me an over-protective mum if you want to, but I feel it’s important to talk to them about this. The thing is, I’m not really sure where to start! I want to explain to them about who can and can’t see their bodies, along with when and where they can’t they show them. I remember being at play group once when M told me she needed the toilet. Before I knew it she had pulled… [Read More]