Personalised Birthday Parties with Swizzels Sweets Plus Competition!

Coming up with ideas for your children’s birthday party can be a struggle. Our twins will be seven years old next year, and over the last six years they’ve had a real variety of parties. For their first birthday, we had a small family gathering at our home. Subsequent birthdays have been more costly as they tend to involve hiring halls, bouncy castles and entertainers! Their sixth birthday, however, was a tad different. Our girls decided that they wanted a birthday party at home with some of their school friends. This was music to my ears! No bouncy castles, soft… [Read More]

Review: Discover the Fabulous World of Party Popteenies!

When it comes to toys nowadays, you have to find something pretty different in order to impress our girls. Soft toys just don’t cut it like they used to! That’s why we love Party Popteenies! We were sent a selection of their products to review including: Party Popteenies and the Surprise Popper (£4.99) Double Surprise Popper (£9.99) Party Surprise Box (£14.99) Party Popteenies are indeed different to most toys. Anything with a surprise element is always a bonus, and I think that’s why these toys have gone down so well with our girls! Kind of like a party popper, where… [Read More]

Now We Are Six

Today our twin girls turn six years old. I know it’s something that a lot of parents say on their children’s birthdays, but the last six years really have flown by. R and M have grown into so such wonderful, thoughtful, bright and clever girls. I’m so proud of them both, and so honoured to be their mummy. Rather fittingly a few weeks ago, my husband and I were given a poem during parents evening that the girls teachers want them to learn for the Eisteddfod. Written by Winnie the Pooh Author, A.A. Milne, it sums up the feeling of… [Read More]

Tips for hosting your child’s birthday at home

Our twin girls will be six years old next month, and they’ve asked to have a birthday party at home this year. As daunting as this sounds, I’m actually really keen on this idea. However I’m more than aware that I’ll need to organised and put a few rules in place. For example certain rooms will be off limits and I’ll definitely have to empty our living room of valuables and toys that we don’t want broken or to go missing. There are many benefits of having a children’s birthday party at home. For starters, it won’t cost the earth… [Read More]

Perfect Party Dresses for Kids who like to Party!

As summer comes to an end, I like to look forward to one of my favourite times of the year. The Autumn/Winter season! Like many people, I enjoy snuggling under a soft, warm blanket on my sofa with the fire lit and a good film on the TV. Of course I love summer too, but there’s something so magical and homely about the colder months! It also means we can start getting ready for the party season! Christmas! Oops, sorry, yes I did just mention the ‘C’ word in September, but I can’t help it! For me, this time of… [Read More]

Bead Kits from Bead-Kids Review

My girls and I love to make things. We’ve made jewellery in the past so when I was asked to review some bead kits, I jumped at the chance! Bead-Kids was started by Mandy. She started Bead-Kids because she wanted a more flexible approach to work that would allow her to see more of her children growing up. Bead-Kids provide creative jewellery making parties for children in your own home or venue in London, Kent, Sussex or Surrey. You can also try your very own DIY party kit! There are six types of parties to choose from: Little Sparkles for… [Read More]

The Treat Box Company Review

‘Treats’ is a funny word isn’t it? When I think of treats for children, toys and food such as chocolate or sweets come to mind. One of my friends has ‘treat days’ for her children and it works really well for her. Do you have treat days or give your children treats? If so, The Treat Box Company, will probably be of interest to you. As a mum to four year old twins I think they’re a pretty cool idea.  Started by Janine, The Treat Box Company provides treat boxes, reward boxes and pre-filled party boxes. I wish I’d known… [Read More]

What’s in the girls party bags

I wrote a post a little while ago entitled, Why I hate party bags and what you should put in them. I received quite a few comments on that post and across social media. Some people agreed with me, whilst many others didn’t! It seems that the humble party bag can certainly stir up some emotions! One thing I hadn’t counted on was some of the parents from the girls nursery reading that post. I didn’t even know that they knew about my blog, so I apologise if I offended you! It wasn’t intended! I’m not sure where the idea of party bags started, but it was quite interesting… [Read More]

To invite the whole class or not? Birthday Party Dilemma!

R and M, our twin girls started nursery in September. They were just over three and a half years old and thankfully have settled in well. They’re soon to be four years old and this has left me wondering what to do about the girls birthday. Not long after starting nursery the girls and the rest of their class were invited to a joint birthday party. There’s another set of twins in their class and they were having a joint birthday party with their cousin. They’d invited the entire class. I kind of assumed this was the norm as it… [Read More]

Organising a birthday party for four year old twins!

Who would have thought that organising a birthday party for four year olds would be so stressful! R and M started nursery in September 2015 so I was pretty relived that I’d have the chance to go to a few birthday parties before I’d have to start planning our girls party. I was hoping they’d provide me with some information and inspiration about what to do. The first party was in a hall with a lot of children. I think the whole nursery class were invited. It was a joint party so I could understand the amount of children there…. [Read More]