Now We Are Six

Today our twin girls turn six years old.

I know it’s something that a lot of parents say on their children’s birthdays, but the last six years really have flown by.

R and M have grown into so such wonderful, thoughtful, bright and clever girls. I’m so proud of them both, and so honoured to be their mummy.

Rather fittingly a few weeks ago, my husband and I were given a poem during parents evening that the girls teachers want them to learn for the Eisteddfod.

Written by Winnie the Pooh Author, A.A. Milne, it sums up the feeling of being six years old perfectly.

Now We Are Six

When I was one

I had just begun

When I was two

I was nearly new

When I was three

I was hardly me

When I was four

I was not much more

When I was five

I was just alive

But now I am six

I’m as clever as clever

So I think I’ll be six now

For ever and ever

Author: A. A. Milne

Isn’t that a lovely poem! I’d not heard it before, but think it’s pretty magical!

The girls will open their presents from their daddy and I this morning before they go to school. I’ve bought them a birthday badge each to wear in school as well!

When they come, their siblings will most likely pop round to see them, along with their Nanna. On the weekend, they’re having a birthday party with some school friends in our house.

It’s the first time we’ll be having a party at home with traditional party games. I think it’s a nice change from the usual soft play type parties. I’m sure the girls and their friends will have a great day.

Happy birthday girls!

Mummy and Daddy love you both so much!


23 thoughts on “Now We Are Six

  1. Oh Happy Birthday Beautiful Girls! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I love that poem too… We came across it a couple of years ago when my daughter turned 6. #ThatFridayLinky

  2. Firstly – had to Google Eisteddfod – interesting.

    I’ve never heard that poem but I have of course heard of A. A. Milne. It’s lovely.

    I much prefer traditional parties at home with games. I hope they had a lovely day and enjoy the party!

  3. I hope your girls had a lovely birthday! Twins at 6! What fun and they are coming into their own, aren’t they! Brilliant poem too! #ThatFridayLinky Many great adventures are in store for all of you. #ThatFridayLinky xoxo

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