Now We Are Six

Today our twin girls turn six years old. I know it’s something that a lot of parents say on their children’s birthdays, but the last six years really have flown by. R and M have grown into so such wonderful, thoughtful, bright and clever girls. I’m so proud of them both, and so honoured to be their mummy. Rather fittingly a few weeks ago, my husband and I were given a poem during parents evening that the girls teachers want them to learn for the Eisteddfod. Written by Winnie the Pooh Author, A.A. Milne, it sums up the feeling of… [Read More]

Birthday Cake on a Budget – 5 Places to Order

It’s the celebratory crescendo of every child’s birthday party. Friends and family sing while the colorful confection arrives on the table dotted with brightly burning candles. All eyes on the birthday boy or girl as they make a wish, extinguish the tiny flames with one big breath and receive the first and honorary piece. It’s the birthday cake! But it can also be the most expensive part of your child’s birthday bash. Cakes prices can seem through the roof these days and providing a special birthday cake on a budget can pose a huge hurdle to your overall party expenses…. [Read More]

Tips for hosting your child’s birthday at home

Our twin girls will be six years old next month, and they’ve asked to have a birthday party at home this year. As daunting as this sounds, I’m actually really keen on this idea. However I’m more than aware that I’ll need to organised and put a few rules in place. For example certain rooms will be off limits and I’ll definitely have to empty our living room of valuables and toys that we don’t want broken or to go missing. There are many benefits of having a children’s birthday party at home. For starters, it won’t cost the earth… [Read More]

Another year older

Today is my birthday. Yes, I’m another older, and even though I’m definitely not a teenager anymore, I still feel as though I am 18 years old! I like to thin that I’m young at heart, but then again, I imagine a lot of other people do too. I’m older, perhaps a little wiser, and yes, I have a few more lines around my eyes now than ever before, but thankfully the grey hairs haven’t arrived yet! Looking back at my life, I’ve certainly had my ups and downs. From losing mum at 18 years old to moving out of… [Read More]

Exciting Kids Birthday Party Ideas Near London

Throwing a kids birthday bash that outshines all the others is a personal parenting goal! Wanting to give your little one the best of the best is normal, but it can also be difficult on a tight budget. So, before you go smashing up your piggy bank bear in mind these affordable party locations. Whether you’re worried about beating the success of last year’s party or simply want it to be perfect, it’s a big deal. So, make yourself a brew and stop worrying, we have found some of the best kid’s party ideas in and around London! Go Ape,… [Read More]

A letter to my husband on his birthday…

Dear Nigel, Today is your birthday and we’ll spend it with one another, as well as all of your children, and of course your mum too. Whilst our girls are in school, we’ll go out for some lunch and watch you open your presents. Although, to be honest, I have to admit that you’re one of the hardest people to buy for. Despite the fact that we’ve been together for over 12 years, and married for 5, I still struggle to think of things to buy for you. That’s not because I don’t know you well though. It’s because you’re… [Read More]

Should children be allowed to have the day off school on their birthday?


When I was a kid I never spent a single birthday in school. That’s not because my parents decided to keep me home, but simply because my birthday is early in January which means schools are closed due to the Christmas and New Year period. Being in school for my birthday wasn’t something that I’d ever thought of because I was just used to the fact that this never happened. It’s not something I ever really thought about again, that was until recently. Our twin girls birthday is February, and unless it falls on a weekend, it means they’ll always… [Read More]

Celebrating Your Twins’ First Birthday

The first birthday is an exciting event for all parents, no matter whether they are first-time parents or more experienced. But when it comes to twins, there is double the reason to be excited. The truth is that planning a birthday for twins is considerably different to just planning it for a single child. There are a few things that you will need to do markedly differently if you want your twins to enjoy their day. Of course, it is unlikely that they will remember it – but you will probably feel that you want to do something to make… [Read More]

The Twins Are Five!

Oh my goodness. I can’t believe that we actually have five year olds! Where has the time gone? It really does feel like only yesterday that our girls were born! I know it’s a cliché, but the last five years have flown by. I remember when they were babies I would wish the time away and say things like, I can’t wait for them to be bit older so that we can ditch the double buggy, say goodbye to teething and weaning, and hopefully get some sleep! Now though, I find myself wishing that they were babies again! I miss… [Read More]

Happy Birthday To Me & You!

Today is my birthday. I don’t normally write a post specifically about turning another year older, but seeing as this one is the big 30, I thought I’d put something down in writing. Today isn’t just a special day for me. I’m a twin, so obviously it’s also a special day for my twin sister too. Growing up with a sibling the exact same age as you minus two minutes, is pretty incredible, although granted like most siblings we argue a lot! However, we also forgive each other pretty quickly too. Being a twin is pretty special. I have fond… [Read More]