Birthday coming up? Here’s what to get them

Finding the perfect gift for your best friend, your family member or your SO can be tough if he or she already has everything. Or, at least, it may seem like they has everything – but you’ll always be able to find something that will put a smile on their face.

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It’s not necessarily that easy, though, and especially not if you’ve known each other for a while and already gone through the most popular gift options.

Here is a handful of slightly more unusual gifts for your friends and family members so that you can rest assured you’ve found something they are going to love. That way, you’re also kind of raising the standard for what she feels like she should get for your birthday, you know.

First: Get crafty

If you have just a little bit of drawing skills, this can be a particularly great idea that the lucky receiver will use every day. If it’s a gift for a family member, such as the kids’ grandma or grandpa, you should consider letting the little ones take charge of the pen. All you need is a plain porcelain mug, a porcelain pen, and perhaps a design ready in mind.

If you’re not very talented in terms of drawing, you can still make it happen by having a look at this article with some simple design ideas. It’s a great way to get started with drawing, in any way, and you’ll probably end up designing mugs for the rest of your friends and family.

Or you could make your own bath bomb instead. They are actually really easy to make as well, by the way, and you can pair it with whatever drink the recipient prefers to make it an ideal gift, such as a bottle of wine for your mother or MIL, a box of exclusive herbal tea, some fancy coffee, whatever catches their fancy.

The basic ingredients list of a bath bomb is actually really short so you could easily make these as simple as possible although it wouldn’t be very exciting. Head off to the grocery store and pick up a bag of corn starch, citric acid, baking soda, Epsom salt, sea salt, and borax. You’ll also need water, though, but you’ll find that at home.

Next: Find an adventure gift

Who wouldn’t love to go on an adventure with their best friend or their Mum and Dad? While most of us keep talking about it and hoping that maybe sometime in the future, you’ll be able to go on an adventure of a lifetime, very few of us are able to actually do it.

There is always so much to get done and the money never seems to get you anywhere at all. This year, however, you can start by heading off on a weekend away; pick her favourite city, for example, or just somewhere you always wanted to go, and treat her to a plane ticket. You can also have a look at this list of gifts for Mum, by the way, if you need some more solid advice for the most important person in your world.

Now, all you have to do is pick the date, book those tickets, and look forward to the moment when you get to surprise him or her. It’s kind of a shame that we only have birthdays once a year, isn’t it?

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