Teaching children to grow vegetables and other garden ramblings!

I’ve always been passionate about gardening. Even from a young age. I remember sitting at a table in my back garden one summer, happily sowing seeds and planting plants. I’d sat in the same place for a good few hours with the sun blazing down on my back. Despite the sunburn, I’d enjoyed spending that time getting back to nature. Every year for the past three years, I’ve grown vegetables and fruit from our garden. Every year, I’ve learnt something new and this year I’ll be growing more than ever before! I’m lucky that in our new house we have… [Read More]

The vegetable patch in our garden

Growing your own food is one of the easiest, most enjoyable things you can do in your spare time. What’s ever better is getting your children involved too. For me growing our food is a wonderful way of teaching my children where the food we eat comes from. Many children, toddlers especially, have an understanding that their food comes from the supermarket, but they don’t actually know where the supermarkets get the food from.  R and M, our three year old twins, understand that some foods come from underground such as potatoes and carrots, and that some food such as… [Read More]

How does your garden grow?

This year is the first year that I’ve taken growing my own vegetables and fruit seriously. I attempted to grow some last year, went on holiday for a week and when I came back they were all dead. I’ve learnt my lesson and have done a very small amount of research into growing my own. So far so good! We planted our first seeds at the beginning of the month.  Some tomato seeds, spring onions, carrots and some salads such as lettuce leaves, rocket, cress and spinach.  I decided I’d plant new seeds every two weeks to have a regular… [Read More]

Compost Direct Review

The first day of Spring has been and gone so that means it’s time to get busy in the garden and start sowing some seeds! I tried and failed miserably last year to grow some vegetables, but I didn’t research what I needed to do and then went on holiday forgetting all about my seeds and needless to say they didn’t grow. This year will be different! I have a better understanding of what I need to do! Compost Direct very kindly sent me two 30l grow bags, one 60L vegetable compost bag, one 60L multipurpose compost bag and a premier… [Read More]

10 easy ways to grow your brand

Chose the right name for your brand! This is probably one of the hardest things a brand has to do. You’ll want to chose a name that’s easy to remember, that tells your target audience what it is that you do and most importantly one that will grow with you over the years Establish what you want your brand to look like. Chose a design that’s fresh, relevant and again one that can grow with you as your business grows. Make sure all of your marketing materials have the same design. This is a great way to grow a recognisable… [Read More]

You know it’s summer when…

…it’s time to get your garden spruced up! We were recently invited to take part in a competition to grow a sunflower plant.  I don’t know much about gardening, but that doesn’t stop me from giving it a go when equipped with the right garden tools! R and M recently helped me to plant some seeds in our new green house in a bid to start growing some salad and vegetables of our own.  Prior to this the only other type of gardening I’ve done was as a child when Mum or Dad would ask me to give them a… [Read More]

When I Grow Up

When I was growing up I went through many phases of thinking about what I wanted be when I grew up. The earliest memory I have is sitting on the grass in our garden. Sketch pad in one hand and pencil in the other. I’d sit for hours drawing all the plants! I didn’t want to be a gardener as that involves bugs and creepy crawlies, but an artist would have been a wonderful thing to be! I remember sitting in my bedroom one Christmas looking out to the snowy world in front of me. I drew what I saw… [Read More]

#whenIgrowup Baby and Toddler Event at ASDA

From 27th August to 16th September 2012, ASDA are holding their Baby and Toddler Event across the UK. During the event leading brands such as Huggies, Pampers and Cow & Gate are giving a donation to Tommy’s, to help ASDA raise £100,000 for the charity, and to help fund its vital work to give every baby the best start in life.  When I was growing up I dreamed of being a number of different things: A Gardener As a child I would sit in our back garden for hours. My sketch pad lay on my lap, the cold grass under my feet… [Read More]