You know it’s summer when…

…it’s time to get your garden spruced up!

We were recently invited to take part in a competition to grow a sunflower plant. 

I don’t know much about gardening, but that doesn’t stop me from giving it a go when equipped with the right garden tools!

R and M recently helped me to plant some seeds in our new green house in a bid to start growing some salad and vegetables of our own. 

Prior to this the only other type of gardening I’ve done was as a child when Mum or Dad would ask me to give them a hand watering the plants! 

R and M were keen to be involved so we headed into the garden and made a start. 

Inside the box we were sent we found five plant pots, five sunflower seeds, a garden fork, trowel and rake. 

R and M helped me by taking the pots out of the box and lining them up next to each other on the grass. 

They then helped me to loosen the soil in the bag and then we used the trowel to put the soil into the plant pots. 
Once this was done we grabbed our watering cans and filled them to the brim with water. 

R and M love helping me to water the plants so they were really happy to help me water the soil before putting the seeds in. 

The reason we watered the soil before putting the seeds in is to ensure that the seeds didn’t get dragged down into the soil,which could happen if we’d watered the soil after sowing the seeds. 

Once all five plant pots had received a fair amount of water I gave R and M a sunflower seed each and they put them into the soil. 

We repeated this step until all the seeds had been planted. 

I did originally leave the plant pots out in the garden by our greenhouse, but we have quite a lot of slugs in our garden so for now I have moved them into the greenhouse. 

Now all we need to do is sit and wait for our sunflowers to grow! We’ll be watering them regularly every other day, sometimes every day depending on how warm it is. 

I think this is great way to encourage children outdoors and after watching the excitement on R and M’s faces when our first couple of salad and vegetable seeds sprouted, I’m sure they’ll enjoy watching the sunflowers grow just as much! 

For the purpose of this post, we were sent five sunflower seeds, five plant pots and three garden tools.

2 thoughts on “You know it’s summer when…

  1. Sunflowers are so much fun for kids to grow as once the sun shines they grow really quickly and really big. R and M look they really enjoyed getting stuck in 🙂

  2. This is a fab project. I was very sad that all our sunflowers died when I was away because my friend didn't water them. I planted more, this time outside, so hopefully we'll still get to enjoy them. Seeing how plants grow and develop is so important for children xx

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