Babymel Robyn Navy Changing Bag Review from Kiddies Kingdom

When our twins were babies, my husband and I went through numerous changing bags. Some were too small, others too big. Some fitted our double pushchair perfectly, whilst others just got in the way. It’s true that finding the right changing bag for you and your little ones can take time. Our twin girls are six years old now, but that doesn’t mean we no longer need a changing bag. Although, they’re no longer in nappies, and don’t drink from bottles anymore, day trips still mean that we need a bag capable of carrying enough for twins. This includes lunch boxes,… [Read More]

Introducing the Selfie Bag from The Cotton Bag Co

I think it’s fair to say that we’re a nation of selfie lovers! It seems that you can’t go anywhere nowadays without witnessing someone taking a selfie, and I have to admit that I’m rather partial to taking the odd selfie or two as well! As a self-confessed selfie-lover, I’m super excited to introduce to you the Selfie Bag! The lovely people over at Cotton Bag Co also love a good selfie and that’s why they want to get everyone to share the love! As such they’ve created the Selfie Bag, and I was lucky enough to receive one to… [Read More]

Nightwear and Bag Review from Hunkemöller

Hunkemöller is a fairly new brand to me. I’ve only recently discovered them, but I really enjoy their line of products. Hunkemöller have been creating beautiful lingerie products for over 130 years and lead the market in Northern Europe. They are Europe’s fastest growing lingerie brand, empowering millions of women to be their most beautiful self. The brand caters to all body shapes – customers from an AA to an H cup can find their perfect fitting bra with ‘Sexy Comes In All Shapes’, Hunkemöller’s unique expert fitting consultation. Hunkemöller are passionate about lingerie and fashion and fuse the two… [Read More]

Caboodle Everyday Changing Bag Review

As a mum of twins my changing bag is fit to burst. Although my girls are three years old I still use a changing bag everyday and it’s always full, with hardly any room to spare. With that in mind it’s important to me that a changing bag is both spacious and durable. The contents of my changing bag usually consists of: Folding portable potty  Two complete spare changes of clothes (2 pairs of leggings, 2 tops, 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of knickers) Two drink bottles Some snacks (crisps, fruit etc) My purse and keys In addition to… [Read More]

How to survive and thrive with twins

Discovering that you’re having twins for the very first time can be quite a scary prospect for most expectant parents. For my husband and I though we knew as soon as we found out that we were pregnant that we would be having twins. This is because my we had a type of IVF known as ICSI. We were lucky that we had a total of nine embryos that fertilised successfully. After discussing our options we decided that we would freeze seven of those embryos and have two transferred back into me. I know it may sound a little conceited… [Read More]

BabyBeau Sophia Changing Bag Review

It’s the must have, essential item that every parent needs. They come in all shapes and sizes in a variety of wonderful designs and colours. What am I talking about? Changing bags of course! BabyBeau was born when mumpreneur, Rebecca Gono discovered a gap in the market for changing bags that didn’t merely serve their purpose, but looked great and enabled a life beyond the baby years. The first changing bag I bought was £15.00 from a supermarket. Suffice to say it didn’t last very long and if I’m honest with you it looked more like something you’d store your… [Read More]

The Christmas Boutique Review

I’m so looking forward to Christmas this year! The twins gifts have been bought and all that’s left to do is put them together and wrap them up! I can’t wait to see their little faces light up Christmas morning when they see what Santa has brought them! When it comes to Christmas I’m like a big kid! I love the whole run up to Christmas! The buying and wrapping presents, cooking the Christmas cake and putting decorations up! I actually made some crafty Christmas trees with the twins a few weeks ago! We have a few Christmas decorations, but… [Read More]

JD Williams Clothing Review

JD Williams is the UK’s leading direct home shopping company, operating over 20 successful catalogue brands. A quick online search tells you that they offer value plus size clothing in sizes 12-34 plus underwear and footwear. I’m a size 12 and a healthy weight so I don’t class myself as plus size, but some companies do view size 12 as plus size. Anyway, moving on… I was sent three lovely items to review from JD Williams. The first of which is this gorgeous Neppy Jersey Tunic. I chose in light olive, but it does also come in black and raspberry…. [Read More]

Britmums Live! 2014 Overview and Video

This time last year I had just bought my early bird ticket to Britmums Live. I bought it quite hastily and did so not knowing if I actually would be going! It was a spur of the moment decision, but one that I’m very glad I made! Britmums Live is an annual blogging conference in Central London.  Hundreds of male and female bloggers from all over the country gather together to meet other bloggers, to network, meet brands, make friends and learn lots of new skills. It is with many thanks to my two wonderful sponsors, Optibac Probiotics and Snoob,… [Read More]

Britmums Live! 2014. Day Two

To read part one click here. I didn’t intend to write two posts about Brirmums Live. However, after writing all about day one and realising how much I had to say, I thought it was best to split the two days into two posts! Following a very busy and tiring first day, I wish I could say that I had a good nights sleep, but sadly I didn’t. I think a combination of being away from home and a busy day had something to do with this.  The room I was in was also quite noisy so that probably didn’t… [Read More]