Daddy do it!

Has anyone else experienced their kids going through a phase of daddy doing everything?
I’m not allowed to get them their drinks, pick them up or hold their hands!
Don’t get me wrong, it can be great sometimes as it means I can sit back and just be an onlooker on the chaos that’s descending in front of my very eyes, but it would be nice to feel wanted sometimes!
You know, just now and again would be nice!
This happens mostly when we’re on holiday or when we go somewhere with daddy.
We went to Menorca on our first family holiday last year and all I heard was daddy do it.
I wasn’t wanted!
Not one tiny bit!

We would go down to the restaurant for food and daddy had to put the girls in the high chairs.
Daddy had to feed them their food.
When we sat down to the evening’s entertainment and decided to stand by the stage for a better view, it was daddy that they wanted to dance with.
Daddy’s hand that they wanted to hold and daddy’s arms that they wanted to snuggle up in.
When they were upset, it was daddy they wanted.
It’s not always about daddy though.
They do have a ‘mummy do it’ phase just as much as a ‘daddy do it’ phase. I just prefer the ‘mummy do it’ phases!
It makes me feel wanted, useful and that I am still needed!
Does anyone else’s child go through these phases too?
I think the holiday phase of daddy having to do everything was to do with the fact that we were away from home for an extended period of time. This of course meant that the girls had daddy for seven days straight which they wouldn’t usually get due to him being in work.
They just couldn’t get enough of their daddy!
I shouldn’t moan really as it does give me a bit of a break, even if it does leave me feeling unwanted!
I’m sure my husband feels the same though when they’re going through one of their ‘mummy do it’ phases!
What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Daddy do it!

  1. We have phases like this all the time, usually they want mummy all the time which can get a bit tiresome especially as they want me to do their teeth and read stories every night, then there will be a few days of daddy doing everything and I will get a rest! #binkylinky

  2. …ooops, pressed too soon!
    …because he's used to it being me. He goes to daddy and granny for a novelty but in the end, it's always me he wants. I must admit, I like it. He's so cuddly and snuggly, that it makes me feel very loved 🙂

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