Daddy do it!

Has anyone else experienced their kids going through a phase of daddy doing everything? I’m not allowed to get them their drinks, pick them up or hold their hands! Don’t get me wrong, it can be great sometimes as it means I can sit back and just be an onlooker on the chaos that’s descending in front of my very eyes, but it would be nice to feel wanted sometimes! You know, just now and again would be nice! This happens mostly when we’re on holiday or when we go somewhere with daddy. We went to Menorca on our first… [Read More]

I want Mummy! I want Daddy!

Dad with children

All children go through phases. I know that, but why do I find this one particularly hurtful? We’ve had phases which involve not wanting to eat certain foods, not wanting to sleep, not wanting to sit in the highchair, not wanting to sit in the pushchair, the list is endless! This current phase we are going through though is the one that I will always remember! When Twin Daddy is at work and I’m looking after the girls on my own everything is fine. They both want cuddles from me and they both want to play with me. When I’m… [Read More]