Wales Air Ambulance Real Rescues

As regular readers of my blog will know, I was lucky enough to be chosen to be part of Team Brecon Carreg.

Team Brecon Carreg involves taking part in a number of running events throughout the year and raising money for Wales Air Ambulance. For every mile the team covers, £1, will be donated to Wales Air Ambulance. In April alone, we managed to raise an amazing £1,078!

Last month, the team and I were lucky enough to visit Wales Air Ambulance at their base in Llanelli. I was amazed to learn that each year their helicopters attend around 2,500 missions, covering rural countryside, bustling towns and cities, along the Welsh coastline and across vast mountain ranges. However, it’s important to know that Wales Air Ambulance is a charity, and as such they receive no government funding.

Each mission costs £1,500. That’s why it’s so important to help them raise money so that they can continue their life saving work.

In this blog post, I wanted to share you with a real life story from Wales Air Ambulance.

Mandy’s Story

In October 2016, Mandy, from Pembroke was hit by a car whilst cycling home. She was told that she would never walk again.

Mandy was left in a coma with serious head injuries, a punctured lung, broken ribs, broken wrist and she even broke her back in two place.

Mandy was scheduled to have surgery, which unfortunately ended up with complications. As such Mandy was placed in a coma and her family were told to expect the worst.

Wales Air Ambulance were the amazing people who came to rescue Mandy. They airlifted her to hospital from the scene.

Mandy said: “What can I say about Wales air ambulance! It’s such a shame that they have to rely solely on donations. I didn’t know this until after my accident when I started researching what they do. When I came out of hospital, I knew deep down that I would run again and thought straight away that I would be raising as much money as I could to help these flying medics.”

Mandy managed to raise just under £1,000 for them after her first 3 marathons.
Mandy goes on to say: “In January I was very lucky to visit their base in Llanelli and meet Ben and Ian, the two doctors that were on duty that evening. Although I didn’t remember anything about that night, as soon as I saw Ben’s face I knew I had seen him before. It was surreal! Even though they have many shouts, they remembered that evening in October and said that I had been very lucky because they were about to go off duty. I feel I will always be in debt to these guys and I will continue with my fundraising.”


Luckily Mandy went on to make an remarkable recovery. Despite being told that she would never walk again, Mandy has gone on to complete the International Birmingham Marathon, Lanzarote Marathon and the Cadburys Marathon in Australia.


How you can you help?

Every year, Wales Air Ambulance needs to raise £6.5 million to operate the service. Find out how you can  help here.

You can also donate online via the Team Brecon Carreg fundraising page here.

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