Taking care of wildlife in your garden this winter

December 6, 2018

Taking care of our pets in the winter months is something that all pet owners take seriously. We have a pet rabbit called Snuggles who we absolutely adore. It’s well known that rabbits cope better in cold weather, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get cold. As such when Snuggles is in his outdoor run, I always put down extra bedding and an extra layer under his hutch cover.

However, may people often forget about the wildlife in their garden. Winter can be especially harsh for wildlife such as birds and hedgehogs.

We’re very lucky where we live because we get a lot of wildlife visiting our garden. In particular squirrels and a pair of pigeons who always visit every day!

So what can we do to help take care of wildlife in our garden this winter?

The main thing we always do is ensure that our bird bath is always topped up with water. It’s important to check it each morning to make sure it hasn’t frozen over.

Another thing we did back in October was put our carved pumpkins down the end of the garden. Instead of disposing of them, they can be used to feed the wildlife. We regularly saw squirrels chewing off chunks of pumpkin to carry back to their homes. My twin girls really enjoyed watching them do this!

In addition you can also put out bird feeders and chubby mealworms. Dried mealworms are 100% natural, packed full of protein, vitamins and high grade edible oils. They’re also really good for wild birds and hedgehogs.

It’s also important to look after insects. A great way of doing this is to resist the temptation of cutting your lawn until spring. This way butterflies and other insects can shelter from the harsh weather. You can also create a ‘bug hotel‘. These are safe hideaways for hedgehogs, toads, bees and bumblebees, as well as ladybirds and woodlice.

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