Taking care of wildlife in your garden this winter

Taking care of our pets in the winter months is something that all pet owners take seriously. We have a pet rabbit called Snuggles who we absolutely adore. It’s well known that rabbits cope better in cold weather, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get cold. As such when Snuggles is in his outdoor run, I always put down extra bedding and an extra layer under his hutch cover. However, may people often forget about the wildlife in their garden. Winter can be especially harsh for wildlife such as birds and hedgehogs. We’re very lucky where we live because we… [Read More]

Hair Care Tips for Busy Mums *

As a mum it can be hard to juggle all of the things that life throws at you. In between working, looking after your kids, keeping your home tidy and clean, as well as keeping up with the washing, packed lunches and food shopping, you have to try and find the time to look after yourself. I like to look as good as possible. That’s not to say that I spend hours in the bathroom preening myself to within an inch of my life. I mean seriously, who has time for that? I know I don’t! My go-to look is… [Read More]

Why Respite Care is Important

Caring for a friend or family member is a time consuming experience that can often leave you feeling exhausted. Whilst you want to be there 24/7, it’s important to make time for yourself too. However, making time for yourself when you have someone in your care isn’t an easy task. Many carers feel guilty taking time out to look after themselves or to have a break. They may feel as though they’re letting those in their care down, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. How can you look after someone else, if you’re run down? That’s why residential… [Read More]

I am Super Mum! What’s your super power?

Premature baby feet

Shhh, I want to let you know about a secret I’ve been hiding for quite some time now. I am Super Mum! Ok, so now that it’s out there for all to read, I guess it’s not so much of a secret anymore, but it is something of a mystery. You see, I’m not alone. There are millions of Super Mums, and Super Dads all over the world, but the majority of them just don’t know it. I am Super Mum because my body endured months of IVF treatment. Tests, needles and strange drugs were injected into my body by… [Read More]

Eloquence Beauty Care Review

I love my skincare regime. Since the age of 25 I started taking better care of my skin. For me this involves ensuring that I remove all my makeup at the end of the day, something I’ve always done, plus I use an eye cream, day cream and a night cream.    Every morning I use a cleanser on my face and now again I’ll treat myself to a nourishing face mask. When I was contacted about reviewing some products from Eloquence Beauty I was a little wary of trying something new, especially when I’ve been using the products for… [Read More]

Impact of the spending review on UK social care

It’s expected that the Chancellor’s spending cuts will impact on social care in the UK in a big way, according to sources such as the Guardian. Despite the fact that social care requirements are growing in the UK as the population ages and expands, the Tory government is inflicting real cuts in the funding of this sector.  Social care is already experiencing a severe funding crisis. Half a million people, including the elderly and disabled, who would have received social care before the Tories came into power before the last election, are now denied support. 86% of local authorities are now offering care only… [Read More]

A Special Visit to Ty Hafan Children's Hospice & How you can help!

Today, my husband and I were very privileged to have the opportunity to visit Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice. Ty Hafan are currently running a precious moments campaign which you can read all about here. Ty Hafan is one of the UK’s leading paediatric palliative care charities and offers care to children and support for their families, throughout Wales. It’s not a place that simply provides a place where children go to die. That’s actually very far from the truth. They offer comfort, care and support to life-limited children, young people and their families in the hospice, in the community and in… [Read More]

The highs and lows of parenting

(Scroll down to view my #voiceofmums video) Before I had children I dreamt of days spent on the sofa with a baby in my arms and something good on the TV. I imagined myself walking to the local park with my baby securely snuggled up in a baby carrier on my chest. The sun would be shining and I would sit on a blanket on the grass watching the world go by whilst tending to the needs of my baby. I would spend hours lovingly singing and talking to my baby to help them sleep. I’d cuddle them when they… [Read More]

It's too soon! The twins start nursery!

I can’t believe that our beautiful, little girls will be starting nursery in April. Where did all the time go? I remember sitting on our worn out black sofa in our top floor flat thinking about what would happen the following day. It was the night before our twins were going to be born. I was both nervous and excited, but also terrified! I’d never had an operation before and yet tomorrow would be the biggest of my life. A planned C-section. I was 34 weeks pregnant and our twins would be delivered six weeks early. We knew they were… [Read More]

The truth about having twins

Having a baby is a life changing experience for anyone. Having twins, triplets or more is even more life changing! People often ask me how I do it. How do you cope with twins? How do you deal with them? My answer is always the same. The same way you would deal with one baby. I just do it one child at a time! Having twins brings with it so many complications, but it also brings many joyous things too – and I’m pleased to say that the good outweigh the bad!  Even if I have to remind myself of… [Read More]