Taking care of wildlife in your garden this winter

Taking care of our pets in the winter months is something that all pet owners take seriously. We have a pet rabbit called Snuggles who we absolutely adore. It’s well known that rabbits cope better in cold weather, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get cold. As such when Snuggles is in his outdoor run, I always put down extra bedding and an extra layer under his hutch cover. However, may people often forget about the wildlife in their garden. Winter can be especially harsh for wildlife such as birds and hedgehogs. We’re very lucky where we live because we… [Read More]

The girls first pet

I’ve always been an animal lover. When I was a child, my sister and I had many pets. Hamsters, rabbits, numerous cats and even ducks! Before our girls were born, my husband and I had two kittens. We called them Dragon and Fable. It’s rather strange as their names definitely suited them. Dragon was fierce and would often attack Fable, who was a soft, gentle and cuddly cat. When my husband and I found out that we were pregnant with twins, we made the decision to re-home the cats. It was heartbreaking, but having Two house cats and two babies… [Read More]

Your Family or Your Pet?! Who will you choose when it comes to your Will?!

Wills in Number infographic

Writing a will is something I’ve often thought about doing. Although if I’m honest it’s not something I’ve done yet. Somehow time seems to just run away with itself! Writing wills is certainly important, but it can also be pretty humorous at times too. This funny infographic was put together by some clever wills and probate lawyer London and it certainly makes for some interesting reading! I don’t have any pets at the moment, but I do love cats and hope to have a pet cat one day. I did have two cats before our twins were born, but living in… [Read More]

Pic’nMix Smart Watch and Forest Animals Review

Smart Watch Teaching children the concept of time can be a pretty daunting task for many parents. It’s something my husband and I have introduced slowly to our girls. They understand that things happen at certain times. For example, lunch time, bed time, etc.  They have a pretty good understanding of the days of the weeks. This has been learnt naturally through their own curiosity rather than through us actively teaching them, although I’m sure some of what they’ve learnt has come from nursery.  Smart Watch from Pix’nMix is a puzzle style concept which aims to teach children all about… [Read More]

Growl with the animals book review

I love reading books to R and M. The older they’ve got, the more I’ve found myself reading to them. At the moment we’re reading books all about starting nursery as the girls are due to start part time in September. They have lots of books, but none of them are ‘noisy books’. Parragon Books recently sent us a noisy book called ‘Growl with the animals’.  It’s a fairly large board book that’s colourful and packed full of noisy animal fun!  There are buttons down the side of the book for toddlers to press. Each button has the picture of an animal… [Read More]

When I Grow Up

When I was growing up I went through many phases of thinking about what I wanted be when I grew up. The earliest memory I have is sitting on the grass in our garden. Sketch pad in one hand and pencil in the other. I’d sit for hours drawing all the plants! I didn’t want to be a gardener as that involves bugs and creepy crawlies, but an artist would have been a wonderful thing to be! I remember sitting in my bedroom one Christmas looking out to the snowy world in front of me. I drew what I saw… [Read More]

Barefoot Books Review and Competition

Barefoot Books celebrate art and stories that opens the hearts and minds of children from all walks of life, focusing on themes that encourage independence of spirit, enthusiasm for learning and respect for the worlds diversity.  When I was asked if I’d like to review some children’s books, I chose two books aimed specifically at our twins age. They’ll be two early next year and they both love animals. For this reason I chose the two following books: Who’s in the Farmyard? Bear takes a trip Both books are beautifully illustrated with bright pictures that contain a lot more detail… [Read More]

What age would you buy your child their first pet?

At 14 months of age our twins have started to take an interest in animals, especially R. When we go to the park they both point at the dogs and watch them with amazement. When their favourite animal TV show comes on, R will point and make her way to the TV before standing right in front of it and watching all the animals. I can’t wait for the weather to brighten up a bit so we can take them to the farm. In the meantime we called into a pet shop on our way home from swimming one day… [Read More]