How to build a garden pond

Earlier this year my husband and I decided to get our six year old twins their first pet. Ideally we wanted a cat, but our landlord wasn’t keen on this idea, but he did suggest a goldfish perhaps or a rabbit. After much deliberation we decided on a rabbit! Our girls named him Snuggles, and he’s become a big part of our family. Since introducing a rabbit to our children, they’ve become more and more interested in animals. Initially they loved learning all about rabbits. I’d look online for random facts about them to tell our girls. For example, did… [Read More]

Wildlife Competition Poll

Rattan Direct, the online lifestyle furniture company have asked me to share their Wildlife Competition Poll with you. You can find it by clicking here. We’d love it if you could take part. All you need to do is take a look at the pictures and decide which one you feel should win their wildlife competition. There are five pictures to choose from, all of which I think are great and deserve to win, but there can only be one winner, which is why they’d like your opinion to help chose a winner! The winner will be announced through their social… [Read More]

Wildlife Jack DVD and Book Review

With regular trips to the farm and pet shop it’s clear to see how much our girls adore animals. At three years of age they’re intrigued and eager to learn all about different animals, where they live and what they eat. I’ll often find myself watching an animal TV show with our girls and the questions they ask range from the interesting to the bizarre! That’s where Wildlife Jack steps in! He’s the young explorer who talks to real animals! DVD The Wildlife Jack DVD is available from Amazon for just £7.49 and consists of five episodes with a total run time… [Read More]