Is it wrong to video our kids for ‘likes’?


Every parent at some point or another has filmed their kids doing something. Whether that be the first time they smiled or the first time they said ‘mummy’. Maybe you caught their first steps on camera or simply want to capture special occasions such as birthdays and Christmases on video for friends and family who can’t spend the day with you to watch later. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with filming your children. You may also decide to share these videos on social media. I mean, who doesn’t want to show their online friends and family these treasured moments? However, when… [Read More]

Before you were born we used to….

Before you were born we used to…   Be silly and throw cold cups of water over one another when in the shower   Watch TV whilst snuggled up together on the sofa    Fall asleep together on the sofa   Go to the cinema (a lot!)   I remember one time we had a snow ball fight   Go on city breaks! Rome, Barcelona, Prague, Valencia and more!   It’s funny how things change after our children are born. Sometimes it’s easy to forget who we once were. Our lives and every waking thought is filled with our children…. [Read More]

Before You Sleep: Book Review

Every night I read our twin girls a bed time story. They love listening to the story each book has, and they really enjoy looking at the pictures, asking questions and using their imaginations to talk about what they can see on the page. Books are so important to us and our girls already have a pretty impressive collection! I don’t think I can ever say no to receiving a children’s book to review! We were sent the beautiful, entrancing children’s picture book, ‘Before You Sleep’, to review and we just love it! Written by Benji Bennett, ‘Before You Sleep’… [Read More]

You can’t please everyone!

Every now and again in the world of the media I see people forcing their unwanted opinions on others. The most recent was an article I’d read to do with parenting. One of those ‘advice’ type articles written by someone who claims to be a child expert. Is there actually such a thing? I’m sure if there was they’d be a billionaire many times over because every parent would be going to them for their advice! Anyway one person commented that they don’t understand why they see parents pushing four or five year olds around in pushchairs when they’re at… [Read More]

Can you Guess? Game Review by Orchard Toys

Children love to play games.  Hide and Seek is a firm favourite in our house, even though the way in which our girls play it is pretty funny. The hiding place is always the same!   R and M will hide behind the curtains. I’m not allowed to start counting until they’re hidden and then when I find them I have to take one of their places whilst they count. It’s pretty funny watching them pretend to look in cupboards and under things to find us, when they really know where we are! Kids imaginations are wonderful aren’t they! Another… [Read More]

Are you the parent you thought you'd be?

Growing up I knew that I always wanted to be a mum.  I didn’t know how many children I wanted though, nor did I have a preference for a boy over a girl or vice versa. One thing I did know though was that I wanted to be the best mum I could be. Of course that also goes for the majority of the female population I imagine! Being a mum was harder than I ever imagined it to be.  Before having children I had played out various scenarios in my head of the type of mum that I thought… [Read More]

What kind of teacher are you?

I saw this and thought it was really relevant to me and my children at the moment. If you’re following my blog then you’ll know that our twins started nursery last week. Today was their fifth day! The infographic below is just a bit of fun! If I was a teacher I think I’d be a mix of fun and friendly. What about you? Scroll down on the infographic below to find out what kind of teacher you are! This infographic has been provided by Hope Education. Provided by Hope Education

Is social media making you a grumpy mum?

Pictures of perfectly clean houses with everything in its place. Happy children playing and sharing toys together nicely. Not a single food stain on their clothes to be seen. The seemingly perfect life of others. It’s funny how we view other people’s pictures on social media and compare them to our lives. A picture of a family sitting down to eat together. A picture of a children sitting on a beach or playing in a garden. A video of someone’s two year old writing their own name or counting to twenty. Am I bad mum because my three year old… [Read More]

What will you leave your children? Are inheritances a thing of the past?

This is kind of a follow up post to this one, as that post has got me thinking about what my husband and I will leave our children after we’re gone. I’ve worked since I was around 13 years old doing various jobs here and there. I’m very lucky that I have a good job and have been working in the same company for almost 9 years now. I’m always careful with money and I always put money away into a savings account just in case a time should ever come that I need it. It may be for a… [Read More]

Starting nursery school. Things you need to know.

Before your child starts nursery there are some things that you’ll need to know. If you read my last post, you’ll know that our twins are due to start in September. As such, I’ve been looking for ways to help prepare them for school. It’s important that your child is independent. Being able to put their own coats on and off, doing up zips, shoes etc will help so that they don’t have to ask a teacher. Obviously if your child needs help, then I’m sure a teacher will be more than happy to help. I’ve also read that it’s important for your… [Read More]