Is it wrong to video our kids for ‘likes’?


Every parent at some point or another has filmed their kids doing something. Whether that be the first time they smiled or the first time they said ‘mummy’.

Maybe you caught their first steps on camera or simply want to capture special occasions such as birthdays and Christmases on video for friends and family who can’t spend the day with you to watch later.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with filming your children.


You may also decide to share these videos on social media. I mean, who doesn’t want to show their online friends and family these treasured moments?

However, when does sharing innocent videos of these special moments become something more sinister?

Ok, so the word ‘sinister’ may be a tad harsh, but in some instances I feel it’s justified.

Take for example that You Tube family who filmed themselves ‘pranking’ their sons by squirting invisible ink over their bedroom carpet and then having an almighty go at them on camera. The kids were visibly upset, it was very hard to watch, and yet their parents felt it was ok to share this video with their followers for likes and laughs.

I’m not sure what they thought they’d get out of it. I mean they do say all publicity whether it be good or bad, is good publicity, but I don’t think even they could have predicted the uproar that their actions caused.

Just yesterday I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed and a video appeared of a child being told off by their mum. Obviously the mum was ‘hiding behind the camera’. I mean it’s ok put your kids face on the internet, but not your own! (Detect the hint of sarcasm there?!)

I genuinely don’t understand why people film their kids in situations that show them as upset, hurt or similar and then decide that it’s a good idea to upload them to the internet where they’ll stay forever by the way!

I just don’t get it.

Yes, I like to take photos and videos of my children.

Yes, I do have videos of my children on You Tube and photos of my children on my blog, but they’re pretty standard videos of them playing or chatting. You know, generally having a good time!

I’d never think to myself, ‘before I go and tell them off for being naughty, I’ll just grab my phone so I can film the moment and share it with everyone for laughs later’.

When did we become a nation of people who need to validate ourselves based on likes, followers and the chance to go ‘viral’?




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