Simply Swim Review

One of our favourite things to do when the weather gets a bit warmer, is to take our children swimming. We’re very lucky where we live because we have a number of indoor and outdoor swimming pools a short drive away, and one of the outdoor ones is even free! I like to join in my children when they’re swimming, whether that be on the beach, or at an outdoor or indoor pool. If we’re at one of our local beaches, our girls, who are six years old, don’t tend to go in the water for a full swim, it’s… [Read More]

Plan On Returning To Work After Children? Here’s How!

Woman at desk

Returning to work after having children can be a daunting task. Whether your career break has been six months or six years, priorities can change and what may have been the perfect job pre-children may not be quite so right after. What it is you’re looking for? Whether you are considering returning to an existing role or forging a new path for yourself, it is important that you know what you are looking for in a job. It can be helpful to write out a plan. What do you want from the role? Is flexibility important? Do you want to… [Read More]

Why I talk to my four year olds about periods

I always remember having the period conversation with my mum. I was in my sisters bedroom when my mum came upstairs with a tampon and a glass of water to demonstrate how it expands in the water! Strangely that’s the only part of the conversation I remember! However I do remember how I felt! I was embarrassed, uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure my face was red and hot! When my mum left the room, my sister and I were left with a tampon floating in a glass and neither of us knew where to look! It was all very awkward!… [Read More]

Holiday fashion

In just a few weeks’ time I’ll be sunning myself in Menorca and I can’t wait! I’m going on holiday with my husband and our three year old twin girls, my step-son and my mother-in-law. When it comes to going holiday I like to buy some new clothes for both myself and my girls. My wardrobe will usually consist of a few maxi dresses for the evening and some ‘casual’ ones to kick about in during the day. I’ll also have some cheap strappy dresses for the day to wear to the b each, by the pool or when wandering… [Read More]

Dance into the holiday season with L’Occitane

Through the winding pastel coloured streets of Arles, a mysterious feminine figure runs. Her name is Arlesienne. She laughs as she runs, whilst her pink dress blows in the wind.  The eerie sound of the music plays in the background as we follow her footsteps further into her world. We fleetingly see her pass through the doors of L’Occitane En Provence. As the door opens wider beautiful gifts sit on the stands and shelves that make up the shops layout. A man to the left carefully wraps a red ribbon around a box and we then catch quick site of… [Read More]

Mummy, why do you have no hair there?

Neither of my children have actually come out and asked me this question because they’ve not long turned two, but for all intense and purpose this is a very sensible, important and albeit amusing question that my children may one day ask me! I make no efforts to hide myself away from my children when I’m in the shower and neither does my husband. I don’t feel the need to and like many parents I imagine, I always have an audience when sat on the toilet! I read an article in Glamour magazine a few months ago written by Dawn… [Read More]

I posted an image – What a response!

I don’t normally write blog posts late at night, but I’ve just been the victim of a targeted Twitter attack. All because I shared this image:  I shared this image because I think Rhianna looks great and also because I think the two breastfeeding mums look great.  The image to me is aiming to normalise breastfeeding in public. I didn’t for one minute think that the image was having a go at Rhianna.  From posting this image on Twitter, a lot of people decided it was ok to have a go at me.  You can read the full episode on… [Read More]

Andrex Washlet Challenge

Last weekend, Twin Daddy and I took part in the Tots100 Andrex Washlet Challenge. We were both given a list of words each and we would take it in turns to describe the words to each other without using certain words. The aim of the challenge was to guess as many words correctly in 60 seconds. So for example, if you had to describe the word mobile phone, without using the words smart, telephone, call or text etc. then you could say something like a device used to contact each other. Andrex Washlets surveyed 2,000 British adults to analyse their… [Read More]

OptiBac Probiotics for Babies and Children Review

I’m very proud to be representing OptiBac Probiotics at this year’s Britmums Live! As my sponsor, they recently sent me a few trial packs of their probiotics for babies & children. Our twins were born via caesarean section six weeks early and over the course of their almost 2 year old lives, they’ve experienced a number of stomach bugs, infections and colds. Building up their immunity is very important to me.  Research shows that having good probiotic levels helps to support digestion, immunity and energy for infants and children, in particular: Formula-fed babies Babies, infants and children during and after antibiotics Infants… [Read More]