2019: The Year of Family Camping Holidays

As per the title of this post, 2019 is going to be the year that we as a family will embrace camping! I have fond memories of camping when I was a child. I remember my parents having a practise run in the garden of putting the tent up, taking it down and packing it all away again. In all fairness it was a lovely big tent. I don’t recall how long it took to put up. My sister and I were probably off playing and running around whilst out parents took on the tent building challenge! I don’t even… [Read More]

NSA Travel Essentials UV Sun Tent

Shortly after the birth of our twins, my husband and I invested in a pop up sun tent. We thought it would be great for the garden, as well as days out to the beach and park etc. The tent was lovely, but unfortunately it had a big downside. We could never manage to fold it up back up again to fit into the carry case. This meant that we only ever used it at home as it was simply too big to carry to the beach or anywhere else. With that in mind when I was sent a UV… [Read More]

Our Little Adventure

We love adventures in our house! Whether it’s going to new places, exploring different textures or jumping in puddles we’re always looking for fun family activities! When I read about the ‘Winter Little Adventures Challenge’ sponsored Barny over on BritMums we were all eager to take part! We received two packs of Barny snacks and before we knew it the bears had well and truly taken over! They were all keen to find out who Barny was so they all gathered around for the ceremonial opening of the boxes! Barny snacks are all individually wrapped bear-shaped sponges. Available with either… [Read More]

Garden Games Wigwam Review

During the summer months I often looked for something I could use in the garden to help keep our girls cool and also to protect them from the sun. I have a sun umbrella, but it’s not very big. When I was asked by Garden Games to review one of their play tents I was overjoyed! I chose to review the Pink Love Heart Wigwam as I simply love the pink, girly design. As well as being an outdoor tent, you can use it indoors so it can be used all year round. Garden Games began in 1997 when Stuart Cardy made the first… [Read More]

Christmas Gift Guide 2013: Part 1

It’s only September and yet Ihave already   found myself thinking about Christmas and what gifts I will buy our girls. In the run up to Christmas, we will be featuring some of our favourite online shops and their products to help show you some of their fabulous products. First up is Beebies Baby Store, who have a wonderful range of different products available. You’ll be sure to find some fantastic gifts for Christmas from them. One of the fabulous products that you can find at Beebies Baby Store is the Koo-di pop up tent which is available to buy here. The… [Read More]