Seeking some winter sun

For the majority of us Brits summer means holidays, but have you ever thought about going on holiday in the winter? This year, my husband and I have been very lucky to have enjoyed two holidays. They were both very different holidays! The first was a trip to Disneyland Paris, which was very magical indeed, and the second was an all inclusive week in Minorca. Both were very enjoyable holidays. However, now that summer is almost over and winter is fast approaching, I’m feeling the need for another holiday! Going on holiday in winter may seem strange to some, but… [Read More]

My Top Summer Essentials

With summer well and truly here, I thought that it was about time that I got my summer essentials together. Having kids means that the majority of my summer essentials have changed from what they used to be when I was a teenager, but I still have some firm favourites. I thought I’d share some of them with you! It’s also good to know that you can get some great deals on summer essentials at Groupon. 1. Garnier Summer Body Lotion Light Gradual Tan Moisturiser This varies in price depending on what shop you like in, but it’s generally anything from… [Read More]

The Importance of Safety in the Sun this Summer

I recently read an article online about how a school boy returned from a school trip with really bad sunburn, and it really got me thinking about how important it is to stay safe in the sun. As a mum of twin girls who are just five years old, I’m always super careful about how long they spend in the sun. If it’s a hot summers day then I like to either stay at home and get the paddling pool out or go to the beach for the day. If I know that we’re going to be outside in the sun… [Read More]

Chasing the sun this Autumn

If you have kids who aren’t in school yet, autumn can be a great time to book a family break. It’s usually better value for money than the summer months, and destinations like Lanzarote are less busy. Here are some of the best beaches and resorts where you can take the kids for safe paddling, rock pool exploring, sand castle building and ice cream devouring! Lanzarote holidays are the perfect end to your summer. Playa Flamingo Set in the Playa Blanca region of Lanzarote, Playa Flamingo is one of the most popular beaches for families visiting the Canary Isles. The waves here… [Read More]

Winter Holidays in the Sun!

Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner! It feels like it was only a few weeks ago that I was planning what presents I’d be buying my family and friends, and now it’s just one week away! The run up to Christmas can be quite stressful, especially if you have to buy presents for lots of people and even more so if you’re the one hosting Christmas day. With all the preparations, shopping and cooking that needs to be done, it quite often leaves me feeling in desperate need of a holiday! This time of year is… [Read More]

NSA Travel Essentials UV Sun Tent

Shortly after the birth of our twins, my husband and I invested in a pop up sun tent. We thought it would be great for the garden, as well as days out to the beach and park etc. The tent was lovely, but unfortunately it had a big downside. We could never manage to fold it up back up again to fit into the carry case. This meant that we only ever used it at home as it was simply too big to carry to the beach or anywhere else. With that in mind when I was sent a UV… [Read More]

How to Stay Safe in the Sun this Summer

If you and your little ones are anything like me and my family, then much of the summer months will be spent outdoors. We’ll either be in the garden with the paddling pool out, in the park or somewhere else outdoors, usually a farm! One thing that really worries me about being outdoors with my children is protecting them from the sun. We took our girls on holiday for the first time last and although neither got sunburnt, M did have a slightly rosy tint to her face. I thought I would share with you some tips on how to… [Read More]