The Importance of Safety in the Sun this Summer

I recently read an article online about how a school boy returned from a school trip with really bad sunburn, and it really got me thinking about how important it is to stay safe in the sun.

As a mum of twin girls who are just five years old, I’m always super careful about how long they spend in the sun.

If it’s a hot summers day then I like to either stay at home and get the paddling pool out or go to the beach for the day. If I know that we’re going to be outside in the sun for a long time, then I always make sure I’m prepared.

That means making sure the kids wear sun hats and sunglasses, in addition to suncream. I always buy factor 50 (five stars) for the girls and I always top it up every two hours without fail.

It’s important to make sure that you also cover areas that might possibly be forgotten. This includes feet and ears.

I remember going on holiday to Portugal with my parents and twin sister when I was little. My sister and I didn’t put any suncream on and after a day spent at the beach, my face was badly sunburnt and my sisters feet were too. As if severe sunburn wasn’t bad enough, we both had painful blisters and my sisters feet were very swollen.

It’s so important to protect young skin and the best way to do that is to ensure they have enough suncream on, but it’s important to make sure you buy the best suncream you can. A lot of people tend to just look at what factor the suncream is and go off that, but it’s also important to check how many stars the suncream has. The stars represent the UVA rating of the suncream. 4 or 5 stars is considered as a good level of sun protection.

It’s also important to make sure you drink to avoid dehydration, seek shade whenever possible and wear appropriate clothes. T-shirts with sleeves to protect shoulders and light materials such as linen and breathable fabrics to help keep you cool.

Holiday Gems have created a blog post with some further sun safety tips that you can read here.

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