Seeking some winter sun

For the majority of us Brits summer means holidays, but have you ever thought about going on holiday in the winter?

This year, my husband and I have been very lucky to have enjoyed two holidays. They were both very different holidays!

The first was a trip to Disneyland Paris, which was very magical indeed, and the second was an all inclusive week in Minorca. Both were very enjoyable holidays. However, now that summer is almost over and winter is fast approaching, I’m feeling the need for another holiday!

Going on holiday in winter may seem strange to some, but to me it’s actually quite logical. A lot of people think of Britain as having wet summers with lots of rain, but that’s simply not the case anymore.

Photo by Krivec Ales from Pexels

We’ve been very lucky to have glorious sunshine for many weeks. The way I look at it now, is why spend money to go abroad chasing the sunshine when the sun is right here?

I’d much rather spend money chasing the sun in winter when we actually do have rain in the UK! That way whilst most Brits are reaching for their umbrellas, I’ll be on a beach abroad somewhere lapping up the sun!

I was looking at Holiday Gems homepage a few days ago trying to decide which destination to choose.

I’ve been to Majorca a few years ago and I wasn’t very impressed to be honest, so I could rule that one out straight away. Lanzarote, Cyprus and Greece appeal though. I’ve never actually been to Greece before so I think that’s my most likely choice.

When I was growing up, we’d holiday in France or Spain. I remember we went to Portugal once too. When it comes to booking a family holiday, my husband and I tend to think of Spain as a first choice, but I feel we’re fast running out of places in Spain to go that we haven’t already been too!

Of course, on the flip side we could look at a skiing holiday, or perhaps lapland for the kids at Christmas time. Now that would be cool!

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