Family Holidays

Every year we like to go on a family holiday. This is usually somewhere abroad like Menorca, Majorca or Disneyland Paris. Our twin girls are quite lucky because they’ve been on an aeroplane every year of their lives, with their first time being when they were just 11 months old. Like many parents my husband and I were a little nervous about taking our twins on an aeroplane at such a young age, but I’m glad we did because it proved to be a lot less stressful than we thought it would be. We had visions of our twin babies… [Read More]

Your Holiday Checklist

Going on holiday is an exciting time. It’s a time to relax, explore new places and make lasting memories. However, the run up to going on holiday can be stressful. The research and planning, making sure you’ve packed everything, booked everything and haven’t forgotten to do anything can all take its toll. As I’ve just returned from a weeks holiday in Menorca, I thought I’d put together a check list of holiday essentials. Luggage allowance – This is always a big thing for me. Before going anywhere I always check to see how much luggage allowance is each passenger is… [Read More]

Getting the best deal on your next holiday

As a family, we’ve been very lucky to have two holidays abroad this year. The first was back in June when we went to Disneyland Paris, and the second was earlier month when we went to Menorca. Now, I’d like to point out that this isn’t a regular occurrence for us. We usually have just the one holiday, so I think it’s fair to say it’s been a truly good year in terms of holidays for us. Sadly the beginning of the year wasn’t great. My husband had a number of health scares, and ended up in and out of… [Read More]

Travelling Abroad with Twins

We’ve recently returned from a holiday abroad with our four year old twin girls. This was the third time that they’d been on an aeroplane, so they’re pretty used to flying now. The first time my husband and I took our girls abroad was in 2013 when they were just 18 months old. We went to Menorca and then returned again in 2015. This year we decided to go to Majorca for a change, although I have to say overall I think I prefer Menorca as the weather was definitely warmer! Travelling abroad with twins can be hard work, and… [Read More]

Pisamonas Spring/Summer Sandal Collection Review

I first wrote about Pisamonas back in February of this year after hearing about them through a blogging network. Since then I have fallen in love with both Pisamonas as a company and also with their range of shoes. Pisamonas very kindly sent us some sandals to review recently. One pair each for R and M, but also a pair for me too! That’s the great thing about Pisamonas they don’t just specialise in children’s footwear, they also sell a fabulous range of shoes for adults too! We were sent two pairs of these beautiful girls patent roman sandals with flowers for R and… [Read More]

Our Twins First Holiday


Outside Cardiff Airport We have not long returned from our twins first holiday. We went to Menorca. Well, eight of us went! There was Twin Daddy and his three children (my step children), my mother-in-law, the twins and of course myself!  We were up at 6am and after we all had some breakfast, we did some last minute packing and decided to give the girls their lunch an hour early so they could have a decent nap before we left at 12.30pm.  The journey to the airport went well and we were there within half an hour of leaving.  I was really surprised… [Read More]

Holiday Checklist

R helping me pack! I can’t believe in just 7 days time we will be jetting off to Spain for our first holiday with the twins! I’m both excited and nervous. Excited because I’m looking forward to relaxing by the pool and spending an interupted week with Twin Daddy and our girls. Nervous because I am worried about how our twins will cope with the flight, the heat and the strange hotel room! I thought I would share with you what I’m packing for our twins in the hope that it might help you if you’re planning a trip away… [Read More]

We're all going on a summer holiday!

Oh my god! Yes, it is true! We are all going on holiday!  Twin Daddy, our twins, Twin Daddy’s 3 children and Twin Daddy’s mum, who has very generously paid for everything.  I’m excited but also nervous. Twin Daddy and I did book a holiday last year to Haven, but we ended up cancelling it because the twins were teething really bad and just weren’t settled. Well, that is what we keep telling ourselves, but I also think Twin Daddy and I were a little (ok a lot!) nervous of going on holiday with the twins.  At 16 months of… [Read More]