Le Petit Bola Pregnancy Necklaces

Finding a unique gift for a pregnant friend or family member can be a challenge. Should you buy a gift for the baby or perhaps something for the expectant mum? I usually opt for a gift for mum because the majority of people tend to buy gifts for the baby. Le Petit Bola is a French Jewellery brand that started two years ago in 2016. They imagine and create Harmony Ball necklaces specifically for pregnant women. Starting on the living room table of their apartment in Valence, France, Emilie and Florian discovered the harmony ball. This unique Indonesian jewel is… [Read More]

Our IVF (ICSI) Journey From Start to Finish

When I first started blogging it was a way for me to share our IVF journey. You see when you embark upon IVF, the only people you can really talk to about it is your partner, that’s if you have one, or others who are going through IVF. These are the people who truly understand exactly what you’re going through. At the start of our journey, I was lucky to find an online fertility forum called Fertility Friends. This forum is broken down into various threads so that you can find others who are having the same type of IVF… [Read More]

Pregnant women average just 5 hours of sleep each night

When I was pregnant with our twins, I always thought of myself as very lucky. I never experienced any morning sickness or other symptoms you’d typically associated with pregnancy. Many people assumed that because I was pregnant with twins, that I’d have all of the symptoms under the sun, including a heavy dose of morning sickness, but nope, nothing! During the later months of pregnancy, I did however, start to suffer with my sleep. I’ve always been the kind of person who is usually asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow, but the last few months of pregnant… [Read More]

IVF: Your Options at a Glance

IVF isn’t a subject that people tend to think about until they really have to. For many people the ins and outs of IVF are as simple as going to a clinic, seeing a consultant and walking out a few months later pregnant. However, those who have been through IVF will know all too well that it’s not that simple. For example, did you know that there are many different types of IVF depending on your individual circumstances? Here’s a quick glance into just a few of the types of IVF that are available: In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Intracytoplasmic Sperm… [Read More]

Three Things To Get In Order When You’re Expecting!

Finding out you’re pregnant is one of the most exciting moments of your life, although fear and anxiety usually aren’t far behind! While it’s a magical time, a new baby changes everything, and there’s a lot to think about. Thankfully you have nine months to get things in order, here are three main areas you might need to evaluate with a little one on the way. photo Your Home Is your current home suitable for a child? If you live in an apartment with a lot of stairs, or if your home is difficult to access how will you manage… [Read More]

The Link Between Pregnancy and Incontinence


Having a baby is a pretty amazing feat. I mean the things that our bodies go through in order to successfully grow a tiny human being is pretty spectacular! That being said thought, it’s what happens after we’ve given birth to our new baby that often leaves us ladies feeling a tad insecure. What am I talking about? Incontinence. It’s not a subject that many people feel comfortable talking about, and, it’s not just us women that can suffer from incontinence, so men, you can stop laughing now! The infographic below is a pretty insightful one which is why I… [Read More]

Women's Health: The negative side of childbirth and pregnancy

Today’s post addresses the negative side of childbirth and pregnancy. The majority of women will at some point in their lives experience pregnancy and childbirth, but how many of us actually talk about the negative effects this can have on our wellbeing? We commonly discuss colds and broken bones, but as a nation, are we comfortable talking about the more intimate issues? Periods, depression, anxiety, menopause – are we brushing them under the carpet simply because they can make for a deeper conversation? Motherhood is an important part of many women’s lives and in a recent survey by nutrition specialists Pharma… [Read More]

Keep Calm You’re Pregnant!

I am thrilled to have written this post for the brilliant Twin Mummy blog, and hope it helps mummies-to-be! Guest post by Ickle Pickle. Click here to read her blog. Mummy teaches relaxation and meditation, so when she was pregnant with me it was natural for her to practise what she preaches!  When I was in mummy’s tummy, I picked up on everything that mummy experienced, her feelings, her thoughts, her moods. Mummy wanted to relax as much as possible, keep her stress levels low, and really connect with me. We had the most amazing pregnancy and birth. We were… [Read More]

10 ways to help soothe heartburn during pregnancy

When I found out that I was pregnant with twins, I thought that I would get every pregnancy symptom going.  Morning sickness, swollen ankles, tiredness etc, but I think I was actually quite lucky. I had none of those symptoms. Apart from my growing tummy, you would never guess that I was pregnant with twins! It wasn’t until I was around 25 weeks pregnant that I developed heartburn during pregnancy. I’d never had heartburn before in my life so I didn’t really know much about it or how I could ease the discomfort. However, I did find that a few… [Read More]

JP’s Story: Part 3: Vicious Cycles

To read part two, click here. May 2014 I have always had an irregular cycle, since the beginning of time. At least, that’s how long it feels. It was not a problem until I could not easily conceive. Until now. Miss J was a surprise. A wonderful surprise. Discovered at 20 weeks, producing no symptoms and no bump. An absence of periods for that length of time was not unusual for me. I suspected nothing. And her easy conception allayed any fears regarding my fertility. It would appear this is true of the medical professionals as well as of my… [Read More]