Neveo Family Journal Review

Photographs are very important to me. I try to capture as many natural photos of my family as I can. I then like to display them in a frame or photo album.  So many people take photographs on their mobile phones, but they often get forgotten about which means they’re never seen again or shown to anyone. I think this is such a shame. After all, photographs are meant to be shared, and that’s why I think Neveo is a wonderful idea. Neveo is a monthly newsletter that you can create and send to your family. Primarily aimed at grandparents… [Read More]

Capturing your babies first moments

Many people who know my husband and I will know that our children were born premature. Our consultant made the decision when I was 34 weeks pregnant that it was time for our babies to be born. My husband and I knew quite early on in the pregnancy that the chances of our twins being born early was high. This is because twin two’s growth had started slowing down, and eventually she stopped growing altogether. When our twins were born six weeks early, they weighed 4lb3 and 2lb11. M, the smaller of two, was absolutely fine. Small, yes, incredibly small,… [Read More]

Finding Colour in Darkness: Lost in Nature

It’s amazing how an unplanned photograph can turn into something pretty spectacular. Yesterday morning I decided to go for a run. Nothing unusual for me, but I’d decided to try out a new route. A route I wasn’t very familiar with, but I just kind of told myself I’d wing it and go with the flow. As I turned down a lane into the forest, I had no clue where I was, what direction I was heading in or where I would emerge from, but what I did know, was that the path ahead of me would be a new… [Read More]

Tips for better photography

One of my new year’s resolutions is to improve my photography skills. Before I bought my camera I always used my phone to take photos. Nothing wrong with doing that as it did the job for capturing holidays, days out and anything else that caught my eye, but now that I have children I’d like to be able to take better pictures of them. The other reason that I’d like to improve my photography is so that I can take better pictures of products I’m sent to review. With this in mind I think it’s about time I took my… [Read More]

Tips for new bloggers by bloggers

People start blogging for a wide range of reasons. For me, it was because I wanted a place to share my husband and I’s IVF journey. When we were going through IVF I found a lot of factual information online, but I didn’t want to read about the facts. I wanted to read peoples personal accounts. This is why I started blogging. I had no idea when I started that two years later I’d still be blogging and if you’d told me that I would be making money from my blog I wouldn’t have believed you. Whatever your reasons are… [Read More]

Blurb Photo Book Review Part 2

To read the first part of this review, please click here. I am excited to say that today my Blurb photo book arrived! Pretty quick, if you ask me!  To recap, I ordered a large landscape book and I am very happy with the size.  The book is really good quality and it looks exactly like the one shown to me whilst I was using the software to create my book. The pictures are clear and printed on high quality paper. I can’t think of a bad thing to say about this book!  Overall, a very happy customer!  If you would… [Read More]

Blurb Photo Book Review Part 1

I have always been one of those people that likes to capture everything in life. Twin daddy will agree with me on this. From taking pictures of our holidays together, to family events and generally anything that catches my eye. Our home is filled with photo books, photo frames and albums. So, when I was given the opportunity to review, I jumped at the chance! Blurb is a website, that allows members to create, share and sell books. My review of Blurb will be in two parts. Part 1, will be about creating my book and Part 2, will be… [Read More]