Finding Colour in Darkness: Lost in Nature

It’s amazing how an unplanned photograph can turn into something pretty spectacular. Yesterday morning I decided to go for a run. Nothing unusual for me, but I’d decided to try out a new route. A route I wasn’t very familiar with, but I just kind of told myself I’d wing it and go with the flow.

As I turned down a lane into the forest, I had no clue where I was, what direction I was heading in or where I would emerge from, but what I did know, was that the path ahead of me would be a new and exciting one to run down. Somewhere I’d never been before, but somewhere I was keen to explore and share with those who know me.

The photo below was taken on my iPhone and as you can see in the distance it’s foggy, but the sun is shining high in the sky which illuminates the way ahead.

As you can see from some of the other photos taken on this route (below), the light wasn’t great. It was dark and foggy, but that one picture captured above, beautifully captures where the darkness of the forest meets the light of the sun.

It’s amazing how impactful low light imagery can be. The video below has been created by Panasonic as they unveil an exciting high-performance low-light compact camera that’s perfect for creative content in challenging environments.

Although the picture I took was taken on my iPhone, and was completely unplanned, I do wonder how it would have turned out if it had been taken on a camera that was designed to excel in low-light conditions. I may just have to return to the scene on the next foggy day possible and give it a go!

Although, I’m not sure I’ll be running that route again any time soon. As beautiful as it was, it was very muddy and very isolated! I think I’ll stick to the main roads and local parks for my running from now on!

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