How will the children whose mums share every moment of their lives online feel when they grow up?

Ooo, now this is an interesting topic to cover! I’ve previously written about ‘sharenting‘ – the art of sharing way too many photos of your children online, and it seems that this particular trend is on the rise. We’re all friends with them. The mum on Facebook who shares every milestone her child reaches. The proud dad posting pictures of their child’s first attempt at walking or their child’s first night without a nappy. I think we’re all guilty of over-sharing at some point in our lives, whether that be online or in person. I know I certainly am, but… [Read More]

Are you an over-sharent?

A few weeks ago my husband and I attended parents evening at our girls school. On the way out, my husband picked up a copy of a magazine called ‘Digital Parenting‘. Having never heard of this publication before, I was curious to see what it was all about. As it happens, it’s pretty much summed up by its name! The magazine covers a range of topics from cyber-bullying, fake news and screen time. One article I came across is called ‘Are you an over-sharent?’ I instantly felt a slight pang of guilt. I mean I have been known to share… [Read More]

Keeping children safe online in 2017

The world has changed a lot since I was a child. Back then it was all about MSN messenger and MySpace. Gone are the days of children playing happily outdoors, as it seems more and more children are opting to spend their free time glued to their smart phones, tablets and laptops. The worrying thing for me about this is that it’s claimed that almost a third of parents allow their kids to use the internet freely without any restrictions. Not only that, but the age in which children are accessing the internet is getting younger and younger with children going… [Read More]

The Joy of Online Shopping

As a busy mum I find it hard to juggle my time between working part time two days a week, working on my blog, caring for our girls and doing everything else in between. That’s why I find online shopping such a big help when it comes to certain activities. Before my children were born, and even in the early days after their birth, my husband and I would always go into our local supermarket to do our food shop. We swore blind that we’d never resort to doing it online, but as our girls grew older and more impatient,… [Read More]

Looking for Love over the age of 50


Divorce over the age of 50 is on the rise. That’s according to an article by The New York Times. Therefore it’s no wonder that more and more dating sites are popping up over the internet. Gone are the days of traditional courtship, where you were introduced to your friends friend in the hope of finding of love. What would normally pursue, however hasn’t changed. Maybe some dinner, a dance, perhaps a visit to the cinema or even a local place of interest. The way in which we date hasn’t changed much over the years, but the way in which… [Read More]

Shop online for less this summer

When I was growing up, my sister and I would spend months saving up all of our pocket money so that we could go on a shopping spree in our local town centre. We loved it so much that it pretty much turned into an annual thing. We’d treat ourselves to some new clothes, perhaps some makeup and most likely a McDonalds too! We used to get around £3.50 a week in pocket money, so we’d save up until we both had around £100 each. On average this would take us approximately seven months! Our parents would chip in to… [Read More]

The future of furniture shopping

Furnitures an important part of any home. Not only is it practical, and pretty vital, I mean where would you sit without a sofa?, eat without a dining table? etc, but it’s also important because furniture can really make a room feel homely and modern. The thing is, in between work, looking after the kids and nursery runs, I don’t always have time to go out shopping for new furniture. For me the future of furniture shopping is online. You can browse when the kids are in bed, at your own pace and in peace and quiet. I mean, who… [Read More]

KidzInMind App Review – Managing children’s safety online

Do you worry about what apps your children have access too online? Then KidzInMind is for you! Available to download on iOS and Android, KidzInMind offers parents peace of mind by allowing their children children access to age appropriate and approved apps with no adverts or hidden payments and parental device control tools. In today’s world children are increasingly becoming experts in using tablets and mobile phones to play games, watch videos and chat with their friends. Ensuring that your child is safe whilst using these devices can often be tricky for parents. The KidzInMind app has been developed by… [Read More]

How to save money when buying gifts for loved ones

I’ve written about previously about voucher codes. As someone who is keen to save money online and in store, it’s important for me to be aware of the best ways that I can save the pennies. For me this means doing my research first to ensure that I can get the best deals possible. If I know what I want, I simply do a quick online search to see what the best price is. For most people that’s all they’ll do. They’ll find the best price and buy the product at that price. Now there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve… [Read More]

How to save money online using voucher codes

Like the majority of people I like to do most of my shopping online. It’s convenient, easy and can be be time saving when you can get something delivered straight to your door or pick something up within a matter of hours. I think the reason why I and a lot of people enjoy shopping online is because we like to find the best deals we can and save money as a result. Whether it a sale, buy one get one free offer or simply using some money off codes. Shopping online makes it easy for us to find great… [Read More]