Fairford Chest of Drawers Review from Aspace

ASPACE is a company that I’ve worked with previously back in November 2015. I reviewed their Fairford wardrobe and now we’ve been sent the matching Fairford Chest of Drawers to review too. ASPACE is a company that sells a range of exclusive children’s bedroom furniture including wardrobes, storage, beds and more.   One of the things that I love about their Farifrod wardrobe are the chunky handles. It makes it easy for little hands to hold and open, plus the quality of the wardrobe itself is exceptional.    The Fairford chest of drawers match the wardrobe so they’re both antique… [Read More]

Win £150 House of Fraser Gift Card

House of Fraser is one of my favourite shops that is still on the high street. A lot of shops have become online only in recent times, so I’m glad I can still walk into a House of Fraser shop and have a good look around. If you’re familiar with House of Fraser then you’ll know that they sell quite a range of different products. Whether you’re looking for a new outfit or jewellery, something for your husband or maybe some toys for the kids, House of Fraser are sure to have something for you! In this competition you can… [Read More]

The benefits of play dates for parents and children

Play dates are wonderful things. They give children the opportunity to play and interact with other children the same age as them, or in some instances with children who are younger or older than them. They also allow parents to make friends and help children increase their confidence in talking to adults other than their parents. For some parents making friends comes easily, but for others like myself it can be a bit more challenging and stressful. Many mums and dads can be left feeling lonely and longing to make friends. For me it was a pretty long road. I… [Read More]

Sisterhood of the World – Blogger Award

Thank you to Kirsty who blogs at Something Crunchy Mummy for nominating me for this award. Here are my answers to the questions that Kirsty set. 1. What made you start blogging?   I was on maternity leave and wanted a way to continue documenting my life. During my husband and I’s IVF journey I’d kept an online diary on a fertility forum online. I’d written about our experiences of IVF, the emotions that we went through and all about the treatment and tests we’d undergone.    It seemed a shame to stop writing so whilst on maternity leave I decided to… [Read More]

What kind of teacher are you?

I saw this and thought it was really relevant to me and my children at the moment. If you’re following my blog then you’ll know that our twins started nursery last week. Today was their fifth day! The infographic below is just a bit of fun! If I was a teacher I think I’d be a mix of fun and friendly. What about you? Scroll down on the infographic below to find out what kind of teacher you are! This infographic has been provided by Hope Education. Provided by Hope Education

The A-Z of me

I’ve seen a few of these posts around and they look like fun so I thought I’d do one too! A is for arty. I love painting with the girls because it gives me a chance to paint too! B is for baking. Cakes, biscuits and pies, I love baking with my girls and they appear to enjoy it too! C is for creativity. Whether it’s something crafty with my girls or one of my own projects such as my photo albums or quilts made out of the girls baby clothes, I love all things creative! D is for destiny…. [Read More]

The Sounds of Home

I was in the shower at home the other day. My husband had already left for work so it was just me and our girls. Whilst I was in the shower I could hear our girls chatting to each other and it gave me a real feeling of contentment and happiness. The sound of them chatting away to each other whilst they played with their toys was so enchanting and magical to me. Quite often if I’m in a different room to them I’ll stop whatever it is that I’m doing just so I can listen to them. They’re such… [Read More]

Dickens & Jones Classic Maxi Dress Review from House of Fraser

I love a good maxi dress. They’re the perfect solution to a quick, fashionable summer look. Teamed up with your favourite pair of gladiator sandals or simply some flip flops you’re good to go! If you want to ‘glam’ it up a bit you can add a floppy sunhat, some sunglasses and a beach bag! I’ve not heard of Dickens & Jones before, but when I was given the opportunity of working with House of Fraser recently, I couldn’t resist the the temptation of their gorgeous classic maxi dress. The blue and white stripes with the on trend bow around the… [Read More]

Win a Swingball Set from House of Fraser

With summer almost upon us what perfect way to spend the warm, sunny days than in the garden with the kids playing swingball! When I was growing up my sister and I had a swingball set and we absolutely loved it! It was so much fun. I was recently sent a swingball set from House of Fraser to review, plus there’s a chance for you to win your very own swingball set too! The first swingball game is suitable for children aged three onward and it comes in a very handy carry case so you can take it on your travels… [Read More]

Bedroom Decor

When we moved house almost two months ago now I knew that I wanted to put my own stamp on the place. We’re currently renting and have been for almost 10 years now. In previous homes we’ve never really decorated or made a place our home so to speak. Of course we’d given the walls a lick of paint (once!) to freshen it up a bit, but I always had the attitude that I don’t own it so I don’t want to spend my money on it! Now that we have children and a new lovely home – the nicest we’ve ever lived… [Read More]