What to do if you experience Cyber Bullying

Yesterday I wrote about a post sharing other bloggers experiences of cyber bullying. You can read it here. Following on from this post, I wanted to share with you some help and advice on what you can do if you, or someone you know has experienced cyber bullying. What is Cyber Bullying? Cyberbullying or cyberharassment is a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means. Cyberbullying and Cyberharassment are also known as online bullying. It has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers. Cyberbullying is when someone, typically teens, bully or harass others on social media sites. (Source) What to do… [Read More]

Cyber Bullying Stories: Make It Stop

Having been the victim of cyber bullying myself, I was curious to find out how many other people have been affected by it. My husband has recently been on the end of cyber bullying, read more about this here, so I was curious to hear from other bloggers about their experiences and what they think we can do to #makeitstop. Tune into the blog tomorrow for help and advice if you’ve experienced Cyber Bullying. Your Experiences Anon So a few years ago I was subject to what would be the modern day equivalent of a witch hunt. People who I… [Read More]

6 ways parents should deal with cellular children

Pxhere Kids are as advanced as ever before. Ask them to pick up a phone and teach you the ins and outs of an IP address and they’ll do it in a flash. While most parents will think “why can’t you do that with the dishes?” the point is kids are surrounded by technology. Mums and dads want them to have fun and enjoy themselves, yet it’s also important to get a healthy balance. There is nothing more annoying than your son or daughter ignoring you for their friends on FB or the ‘Gram. Taking away their mobiles isn’t a… [Read More]

How will the children whose mums share every moment of their lives online feel when they grow up?

Ooo, now this is an interesting topic to cover! I’ve previously written about ‘sharenting‘ – the art of sharing way too many photos of your children online, and it seems that this particular trend is on the rise. We’re all friends with them. The mum on Facebook who shares every milestone her child reaches. The proud dad posting pictures of their child’s first attempt at walking or their child’s first night without a nappy. I think we’re all guilty of over-sharing at some point in our lives, whether that be online or in person. I know I certainly am, but… [Read More]

Child Bloggers and Vloggers – How do you decide upon the right age?

Child on iPad

Our twins are four years old, soon to be five in the new year. They enjoy watching a variety of videos on You Tube Kids such as Fireman Sam, My Little Pony, Mille and Mollie, and more! They also like to watch videos of people talking dolls and characters such as Anna and Elsa from Frozen, along with other Disney Princesses, but they also like watching videos of people digging plastic toy eggs out of playdoh as they can’t wait to find out what’s inside. I was at home a few days ago with our girls when I walked passed… [Read More]

What effect is social media having on our children?

Child on iPad

Social media is a big part of our world. It’s a great way for families all over the world to stay in touch with one another, but at what age should children be given access to social media? Just to clarify social media to me are platforms such as You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. I read an article not long ago about children who are addicted to their iPads. Children as young as four were seriously addicted to playing games and watching videos on these devices. Our twins are nearly five years old, and they do play on our phones… [Read More]

The friend who didn’t take photos!

OMG! I went to the farm a few weeks ago with a friend of mine and her children. Can you believe that she didn’t take photos of our days out?! What a weirdo! Haha! Oh wait a minute.  Maybe, I’m the weirdo? Since when did it become normal to photograph every moment of every minute of your waking lives? Yup. I think I’m the weirdo! Taking pictures of a sign, of a car park, a field. Not exactly photo frame or photo album friendly material is it? In fact, I’m pretty sure I probably did my friends nut in with… [Read More]

Survival tips for keeping your blog alive when on holiday

It’s probably the last thing on your mind when on holiday, but some bloggers, like me, who post every day, aside from the occasional weekend, like to ensure that their blog continues to run normally even when the blogger themselves are on holiday. It’s not essential. You don’t have to blog whilst you’re on holiday. In fact a break away can be a great way to think up new posts and gain some new inspiration, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your blog content empty. Scheduling posts and social media posts is a great way to ensure that… [Read More]

Is social media making you a grumpy mum?

Pictures of perfectly clean houses with everything in its place. Happy children playing and sharing toys together nicely. Not a single food stain on their clothes to be seen. The seemingly perfect life of others. It’s funny how we view other people’s pictures on social media and compare them to our lives. A picture of a family sitting down to eat together. A picture of a children sitting on a beach or playing in a garden. A video of someone’s two year old writing their own name or counting to twenty. Am I bad mum because my three year old… [Read More]

New Health Social Media Website Launches – Pow Health

When one of my girls is unwell, the first place I go is the internet. Searching for symptoms, looking for images and visiting forums for advice.  Before the internet existed and also for those who don’t have internet access, such as my mother-in-law, they often resort to medical books for advice.  I can’t remember the number of times I’ve lost appointment cards and rifled through pages of our twins little red books to find something out. Wouldn’t it be great to have one easy to access place you could visit from time to time to keep track of all your… [Read More]