Money Making Side Hustles To Boost Your Finances

Now that spring is finally making an appearance we can start to dust off the cobwebs of winter and look ahead to the warmer months. What this sometimes does is enable us to consider things like holiday time with the family and or activities to do during the summer break. But these can all cost money, and often a fixed income means there isn’t much left over to save for all of the fun things you want to do. If this sounds like your situation right now don’t despair. I thought I would share with you some of the money… [Read More]

Card Making Goodies from Create and Craft

When I was a kid, I used to love making presents for my friends and family. I spend ages making them pictures, paintings, cards, friendship bracelets among other things. I still enjoy crafts, but have turned more towards sewing lately. However, when we were sent some card making goodies from Create and Craft, it ignited my interest! Our four year old twin girls joined in with the card making too and they really enjoyed it! We were sent: 3 spools or ribbon (varying colours)Essential book of 2016 sentimentsSelf adhesive pearlsSmall Letter beadsPack of cards and envelopes There were a variety… [Read More]

My venture into dress making (and shorts!)

Back in February of this year I pledged to be more crafty and I like to think that so far I have been very crafty! I’ve made bunting, a table cloth and also a triangle pouch! My favourite thing that I’ve made so far though has to be a dress and a pair of shorts that I made for our twin girls. R and M have very different styles. M loves her dresses, whereas R loves her shorts and jeans.  This is a very photo heavy post, but I’m pretty proud that I’ve managed to make these as they’ve turned… [Read More]

Making friends online

Sometimes being a mum can be pretty lonely. Especially in the first few days and weeks. You’re tired, probably still in your pyjamas and longing for a shower and five minutes to try and make yourself look human again. The last thing you’re probably thinking about is going out and making friends. Thankfully, you can make friends from the comfort of your own home by simply switching the computer on. There are lots of forums, chat rooms and websites that can offer you support, advice and a friendly face to chat with. During my husband and I’s IVF treatment I… [Read More]

Is social media making you a grumpy mum?

Pictures of perfectly clean houses with everything in its place. Happy children playing and sharing toys together nicely. Not a single food stain on their clothes to be seen. The seemingly perfect life of others. It’s funny how we view other people’s pictures on social media and compare them to our lives. A picture of a family sitting down to eat together. A picture of a children sitting on a beach or playing in a garden. A video of someone’s two year old writing their own name or counting to twenty. Am I bad mum because my three year old… [Read More]

Making Crafty Pictures

Last week was a pretty busy week. I felt like all I’d done was drag the girls around various shops and play groups! On Wednesday morning I took them out on their scooters for a walk, but neither of them were very interested and just wanted to go home. After about 10 minutes I caved in and took them back home where they sat in front of the TV watching a DVD. It was actually quite nice to just sit down and relax with them both, but I always feel like I should be doing something with them! Wednesday afternoon… [Read More]

Bye bye play group! Hello play date!

A little while ago I wrote about how I felt lonely at one particular play group. We go to a few groups over the course of the week. Since my last post I have had two ‘play dates’ with another mum in our homes. We both went to the play group mentioned above, but both found it busy and it lacked toys for children to play with. I took a brave step and asked her if she wanted to skip play group the following week and come over mine. She agreed! I kind of felt bad to start with. Almost as… [Read More]

Top 5 ways to make a decision

I’m quite an impulsive person when it comes to making decisions. I tend to jump in feet first without much thought! Sometimes that can be a great thing and can lead to some wonderful experiences. On the other hand it can be a decision that I later go on to regret. For example, a rash decision to hold a snake in Marrakech when on holiday with my husband led to this great photo! What a memory! The day after I held that snake I was feeling a lot less brave so when I turned to see a man behind me… [Read More]

Making School Days as Stress Free as Possible

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, whether it’s the first day back after the half term break or it’s in the middle of term, school days can be full of hassle. Making it easy for yourself and the kids is essential if you want to keep things as stress free as possible, and also keep the grey hairs at bay, too! Whether you’ve been enjoying a casual, chilled out couple of days at the weekend, or you’ve gotten used to a week or two half term break, getting back into the swing of things can be hard…. [Read More]

Finding Mummy Friends

Before our twins were born I didn’t have many friends outside of work. I have my twin sister which is great but friends from school have all moved away or had families of their own and were too busy or too far away to socialise. Now that our twins are here and they’re almost 16 months old, I would love to have some mummy friends that I can meet in the park or just go places with or simply pop round for a cuppa whilst the babies play. I wonder though how do you go about making mummy friends when… [Read More]