Four Great Winter Crafting Ideas for Kids

Winter is almost upon us (even though Mother Nature would have us fooled that it is already here). With the weather getting colder, kids are likely to stay inside more, leading to ample time for them to drive their parents crazy. Don’t let them. Keep them preoccupied with some fun activities they can do indoors. More than likely, you will have to participate with them, but spending time with your kids and creating memories with them is a limited window so sit down with them and have fun watching them have fun. One of the best things you can do… [Read More]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is almost here so it’s time to start looking at what gifts we can give to all the dad’s in our lives. Personally I really like to give personalised gifts and quite often the most simple gestures can make the best gifts. I know my husband doesn’t expect much, if anything, from our twin girls for Father’s Day, but we like to make the effort and it’s most definitely appreciated. After all, my husband does so much for our girls and I so I think he really deserves to be spoilt. Now, Nigel, that’s my husband by the way,… [Read More]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day

Sunday, 26th March 2017 is Mother’s Day. Phew. I thought I’d get that in there first just in case anyone’s forgotten or didn’t know the date! I thought I’d share with you some gifts in the hopes that it might give you some inspiration that moves away from chocolates and booze! First up we have this super cute and quirky ‘Queen of Awesomeness’ mug and coaster available from Red Candy for just £9.00 and £2.95. I really like this range of products and I actually bought my sister some for our birthday earlier this year. These brightly coloured gifts not only… [Read More]

24 Days of Elf Visitor Activities


This is the first year that we will be having two little visitors. Thanks to the lovely people over at An Elf for Christmas, our twin girls are going to be visited by two Elves. A boy elf and a girl elf. You can read my review of An Elf for Christmas here, but in the meantime I thought I would share with you what our Elf visitors will be getting up to in the run up to Christmas. December 1st – Elves arrive with Advent Calendars for the girls and welcome letters December 2nd – The Elves have magic… [Read More]

Healthy School Snack Ideas

Our twin girls start full time school next week and I’m feeling a little uneasy about it. Previously in nursery, which is only two and a half hours, I haven’t had to think about food as the nursery provides the children with a healthy snack. Usually a crumpet, fruit or a wrap etc.  However, now that our girls are going into full time school, it’s something I need to think about. My husband and I have decided that the girls will have packed lunches. This is mainly for peace of mind, so that we know what they’re eating and how… [Read More]

Ten quick and easy lunch ideas for kids

Finding something quick and easy to make for hungry children can be a bit of a challenge. I usually make lunch for our girls before I pick them up from school, but sometimes I don’t have time. Here are some quick and easy lunch ideas for you to try. Sandwiches From a simple ham and cheese sandwich to something a bit more exciting, sandwiches are quick and easy. You can get sandwich fillers from supermarkets or try a number of different combinations. Some of our favourites are ham, cheese, ham and cheese, cheese and tomato. Toasties Much like a sandwich… [Read More]

Christmas Gifts for Parents

Finding gifts for parents can be hard at times so that’s why I’ve put together some ideas for you which will hopefully help make the job a little easier! A mini personalised wine bottle from Just Miniatures. I just love these! They’re super cute, you can pop them in a stocking, maybe even in a homemade cracker! Mum or dad would be sure to love these! A spa day for mum and dad. It’s easy to forget that mums and dads need to be pampered once in a while too so a spa day is a great gift to give. If… [Read More]

Alternative sporting ideas to get your family active

Winter approaches, and no matter what you can’t avoid it. For some people the cold season is all about staying inside, keeping warm and waiting until the weather changes. Exercise is often not a considered option! Keeping fit doesn’t just have to be a warm weather activity. There are plenty of sports you can get your family involved in when cold weather arrives. So, get your winter clothes organised and try out a few activities that will help keep you all as fit as possible and contribute to you and your family’s good health. Cross country skiing You don’t have… [Read More]

Family Friendly Garden Ideas

My family and I are luck that we have a lovely garden. It’s not huge, but I’s big enough for the four of us to play in, relax in and be together in. A garden can be a real addition to any home, even more so when you have young children. From hosting barbecues to sports days and picnics, a garden has many purposes. With this in mind I always think it’s important to create an outdoor space that has a little something for everyone. I like to have a place where I can relax. Somewhere calm, quiet and serene. I like… [Read More]

#TruprintDads Father’s Day Gift Ideas

This Father’s Day I want to give my husband something special. A gift that is more than just a gift. Much like myself, my husband loves photos.  We have so many of our children, R and M. Before they were born we filled our photo albums with pictures of travels. Rome, Barcelona, Valencia, Morocco and many more fabulous destinations! This Father’s Day I’ll be creating a very special photo book using prints that I ordered from Truprint. I have a photo scrap book that I’ve glued the prints into and then I’ll write special messages/memories around the photos.  Truprint have… [Read More]