Parent & Carer First Aid Class Review with Daisy First Aid

One Sunday afternoon whilst sitting in my front room surrounded by the noise of our girls playing, I came across a video on Facebook that had been shared by Daisy First Aid. The video showed a mum saving her daughter’s life with abdominal thrusts as the child was choking. Touch wood, our girls have never been in this situation, but I started thinking about how I would react in that same situation. The mum in the video had attended a first aid course. She remained calm and focused on what she needed to do in order to save her child’s… [Read More]

Disney Sofia the First Toy Review from Jakks Pacific

Like most little girls, M, loves princesses. R will happily play with them too, but definitely prefers playing with boy dolls such as Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid or Kristof from Frozen. We recently received some Sofia the First toys to review from Jakks Pacific and both R and M love them! I’ve included a short video below so you can see the toys in action, but here’s some more information first! We were sent: Sofia the First Royal Friend 3″ Figure (RRP £5.99) Sofia the First Mini Royal Prep Art Class Playset (RRP £9.99) Mini Princess Amber’s Closet… [Read More]

M’s first ballet class

You’d think that having twins would mean that our girls have the same likes and dislikes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. M is girly. She loves princesses, fairies and ballet. R isn’t as girly and loves football, spiderman and Captain America. Of course she also likes princesses and fairies, but nowhere near as much as her football and the other things mentioned above. If you asked R about ballet, she would probably say that she doesn’t like it. When a new ballet class started yesterday I asked M if she wanted to go. She very keen, as… [Read More]

What was your first car?

I’ve worked in the car insurance industry for around 10 years now. It’s not a career that I thought I would end up in, but 10 years in and I’m still going strong! I started not long after I’d left college. I’d had a number of other jobs such as cleaner, cashier etc, but I knew that I wanted more from life. When I applied for the job, I didn’t ever think I’d still be there now, but I am and I’m grateful for that. Especially when you hear stories on the news of people being made redundant, so I’m… [Read More]

The girls first Christmas concert

Yesterday our twin girls took part in their nursery school Christmas concert. For weeks they’ve given out little hints about what the concert is about, various songs that they’ll be singing and finally we found out that they were both going to be snowflakes! R and M are quite different, personality wise. M is pretty laid back and will go with the flow. R is a bit more independent and likes to do things her way, so I was intrigued to see how the concert would go. Parents were advised to arrive at 10.30 as the concert would start at… [Read More]

The girls first day at nursery school! Part 2

Following on from this morning’s post I thought I would write an update about how the girls found their first day at nursery school.  I think we’re lucky that they have morning sessions as they’re up early enough and it means that when they start full time school, they’ll be used to getting up in the morning and going to school.  The nursery session was due to end at 11.30, but the girls teacher called me at 10.30 to let me know that M was a bit upset.   I explained to the teacher in the morning that M had a… [Read More]

The girls first day at nursery school! Part 1

I’m sitting at my desk as I write this.  The house is quiet and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself! Today is the day that our girls start nursery.  My husband and I have been preparing them for weeks for this day. We’ve read them books about starting school, told them their teachers name and talked about all of the things that they’ll do whilst at nursery.  Last night before they went the girls helped me to get their uniforms ready. When the girls woke up they were both excited about going to nursery. R in particular was… [Read More]

#thechokeables Choking Baby First Aid – Win a First Aid Kit

If your child starting choking would you know what to do? St John Ambulance, believe that everyone should have the skills and confidence to know what to do in an emergency. Knowing basic first aid can be the difference between life and death – and every week they hear of new people whose lives have been saved because someone nearby knew what to do. 40% of parents asked by St John Ambulance have witnessed their own baby choke and almost four-fifths don’t know what to do in this situation so they have made a short memorable video, The Chokeables –… [Read More]

First day at nursery box

As most people who read my blog probably know by now, our twins are due to start nursery in September. I want to celebrate this with them and let them both know how proud I am of them for being brave and staying at nursery without mummy and daddy. I’ve been thinking of ways that I can do this and I’ve come up with what I think is a good idea. I’m planning on putting together a little celebration ‘first day at nursery box’ so that when the girls come home after their first day they can open their boxes… [Read More]