My first grey hair

Growing old is something that is inevitable for all of us. There’s no avoiding it. No magic clock to turn back time. There is however, an abundance of anti-wrinkle creams and hair dyes available! The day before I ran the London Marathon I was standing in the bathroom of my Premier Inn hotel room staring into the mirror when something caught my eye. At first I thought it was just the lighting, but upon closer inspection I discovered my first grey hair! A long silvery strand of hair that resembled thread you’d find me using on my sewing machine! There… [Read More]

Night time potty training

It official! Potty training in our house is officially over and done with for now! Both of our girls are fully potty trained in the day. I wasn’t in a rush to potty train them and I would have quite happily waited until they were three before I even thought about potty training, but our girls started showing signs that they were ready around two years and a few months. I’ve heard that boys can take longer than girls to potty train so if you’re reading this and worrying about when the right time to start is – stop worrying! Do you know any… [Read More]

Potty Training Twins

Potty training twins? Where do I start?! That’s what I thought when the idea first popped into my head! I didn’t worry too much about it though and decided to take it all in my stride. One thing I knew for definite was that I wanted to wait until our girls were at least two years old. I’d heard that before this age children don’t have the ability to control their bowels. Plus if you start when your child is too young or if they aren’t ready it can end up being more stressful for you both and can take… [Read More]

Age – Is it just a number when it comes to relationships?

Age is just a number right? When I was growing up, I didn’t think about the age of the man I would marry or have children with. I mean did you? I just thought about what I wanted in a husband. The qualities I’d want them to have. They weren’t ‘must haves,’ just ‘desirables’ I guess. During my early high school years I dated boys in my year. In fact I don’t think dated anyone in the years above me. During my late high school years I started dating a few boys who were older than me and by the… [Read More]

Sex Education in Schools

Image courtesy of Simon Howden/ It’s been quite some time since I was in school, but one of the things I always remember is our sex education classes. I wish I could say that the reason why I remember them so well was because they were really informative, but sadly that’s not the case. The only thing I remember about the sex education classes in my school was being shown a few pictures of male and female body parts with sexually transmitted diseases. Yeah, that’s not something I want to remember, but it’s almost ingrained into my mind! Why is… [Read More]

Should children have mobile phones? Nokia Lumia 520 Review

I remember the day when I got my first mobile phone. It was a Motorola C520. The phone was bulky, the screen small and it actually had an antenna poking out the top!  I imagine if any child today was given this phone rather than expressing the sheer delight that I did, they would be horrified. Advances in technology have seen mobile phone companies step up their game. When was the last time you saw a phone with an antenna or a black and white screen? Do you remember snake? A game which was preinstalled on most devices and albeit also… [Read More]

Operation Dummy Fairy

Dummies can be an important source of sanity for many new parents. Allowing them to comfort their crying baby quicker and more easily than those who don’t use dummies. Before our daughters were born I was adamant that I would never use a dummy. I always told myself that there had to be a better way to comfort a crying baby, but when it’s 2am and you just want to sleep you’ll try anything! When our daughters were in special care I informed all of the nurses that I didn’t want our daughters to have dummies. Imagine my horror when… [Read More]

Be A Good Neighbour This Christmas

Image courtesy of Dan/ This Christmas as you sit around a table with your family surrounded by good food and gifts galore, take a moment to remember those who are not as lucky as you and I. Like many people I’ll be enjoying Christmas day in the comfort of my own home. If it’s snowing outside it doesn’t matter to me as I’ll be kept warm in my home. I won’t be alone as I’ll have my husband and children with me, but what about your neighbours? Not everyone this Christmas will be fortunate enough to have someone to share… [Read More]

Taking Your Child Swimming For The First Time

Image courtesy of arztsamui/ Twin Daddy and I first took our girls swimming when they were around 6 months old. I was feeling quite nervous about it and I didn’t really know what to expect. We had a choice of two swimming pools in which we could have gone to. The nearest is at our local council run leisure centre. This is a good sized swimming pool and one that I used to go to frequently when I was growing up. It’s a cold water pool and starts out shallow so it gradually gets deeper. It also has a small… [Read More]

Toddler Beds: When is the right time to change?

Image courtesy of greenphile/ I often wonder what age I should help our twins make the transition from cot to toddler bed. I guess the first thing we need to ensure before we do anything is that both girls are sleeping through the night in their own cots. R, is well on her way to achieving this. The only time she will share the bed with us is if she ill. R goes in her cot around 7pm and although she cries out during the night if she has lost her dummy, all I have to do is give her,… [Read More]