My Essential Baby Buys

From nappy dispensers to potty mitts (seriously, they do exist!), I thought I would put together a list of baby items that I think are essential. I will also mention a few items which I wish I hadn’t bought, mainly because they haven’t been used.

Essential Buys:

* Angelcare Sound and Movement Sensor for peace of mind at nightime 

* Asda Little Angels Fitted Cot & Moses Basket Sheets. These are very good quality and even better value for money

* Lanisoh Nipple Cream. Expressing or breastfeeding this was my saviour! 

* Asda own brand maternity pads

* Asda own brand breast pads

* Front opening night dress

* Tiny love giant play mat. Good size for twins and the different textures and colourful pictures really keep my babies entertained

* Red Kite Baby Walker. Cheap, available from ASDA and does what it is meant to do!

* Teething granules. They work, nuff said!

* Mothercare car seats. Good value for money and they do the same job as branded car seats that cost treble the money!

* Supermarket brand vests & sleep suits. They are just as good as ones that can be bought in baby shops but are a lot cheaper

* Asda own brand plastic back bibs. These are brilliant when baby is newborn as the milk they dribble out doesn’t seep through onto clothes

* Supermarket brand nappies. Cheaper than branded nappies and they do the same job

* MAM silk orthodontic teats. They fit onto Avent bottles and are amazingly soft

* Camcorder. My best buy! Twin daddy captured our girls on film seconds after they were born and we have now racked up lots of footage of them from the first time they rolled over to their first taste of food!

* Fisherprice Jumperoo. This is fab for two reasons. Reason number one: if your baby has reflux the jumperoo is a great alternative to holding your baby upright for 30 minutes after a feed as the jumperoo does this as well as entertains your little one. Reason number two: it keeps one baby occupied whilst I feed or change the other baby! 

Things we have never used:

* Scratch mitts. We bought dozens and they have never been used

* Pretty newborn outfits & dresses. Trust me in the first few months, your baby will dirty their clothes quicker than you can change them. Stick to sleep suits which are easier to put on and are also cost effective

* Sleep suits that go on over the head. The best sleep suits are the ones which open down the front as they are easy to put on. If your baby is sick and you have to pull a sleep suit over their head, well, messy and sicky hair is all I can say!

* Carrycots. We never used them, don’t know why we bought them!
* Baby slings. I appreciate if you have one baby then these are probably invaluable, however with twins it’s easier to put them in the double buggy. I have yet to find a ‘fashionable’ looking twin sling, plus the idea of carrying two babies on my front makes my back want to cry!

I’m sure there are loads more things that we have bought but never used so I will update this list as we go!

What are your essential and non essential baby buys?

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