Night time potty training

Potty training children can be a pretty stressful time for a lot of parents. When our girls were approaching potty training age I did what most parents do and turned to the internet in search of advice! I typed in search terms such as ‘how old to start potty training’, ‘how do I know when my child is ready to potty train?’ among others! I remember reading that you shouldn’t be in a rush to start potty training. If you start too early, potty training can end up taking longer than if you’d just waited until your child was ready. … [Read More]

Night time potty training

It official! Potty training in our house is officially over and done with for now! Both of our girls are fully potty trained in the day. I wasn’t in a rush to potty train them and I would have quite happily waited until they were three before I even thought about potty training, but our girls started showing signs that they were ready around two years and a few months. I’ve heard that boys can take longer than girls to potty train so if you’re reading this and worrying about when the right time to start is – stop worrying! Do you know any… [Read More]

Potty Training Twins

Potty training twins? Where do I start?! That’s what I thought when the idea first popped into my head! I didn’t worry too much about it though and decided to take it all in my stride. One thing I knew for definite was that I wanted to wait until our girls were at least two years old. I’d heard that before this age children don’t have the ability to control their bowels. Plus if you start when your child is too young or if they aren’t ready it can end up being more stressful for you both and can take… [Read More]

Dry Like Me Potty Training Pads Review

How do you even begin to start potty training twins? This was something I’d asked myself on numerous occasions. I already knew that I wanted to wait until our girls were two years old. I remember that starting before this age wasn’t a good idea because children don’t tend to have control of their bladders until at least two years of age. I knew that I would be patient and I knew that I wouldn’t rush our girls. I’d let them tell me when they were ready. In the back of my mind I’d had it in my head to… [Read More]

Potty training twins

When our twins turned two years old I started thinking about when would be the right time to potty train them. Both of our girls had shown signs of being ready before they turned two, but I wanted to wait until they were at least two for a number of reasons. The first reason is that I wanted them to have a better understanding of potty training and secondly I’ve heard that if you start too early it can take longer to potty train successfully. R and M have watched me and their daddy on the toilet pretty much since… [Read More]

Potty Training: The Casual Approach

I wasn’t planning on a writing a post about potty training for another couple of months or so. However, it seems as though as our girls, M in particular is ready to start. I was in no way in a rush to start potty training the girls for a number of reasons, but mainly because I had read and heard from other people, that if you start too soon it can take longer for your child to get to grips with it. I wanted to wait until R and M turned two and I’d told myself that by the time… [Read More]

Potty Training

For a number of months now I have been thinking about potty training and when we should start. I’ve read numerous things on different parenting websites and on social media, but in truth I don’t know where to begin.   The only thing I do know is that I want to wait as long as possible. I want to wait until our girls have passed their second birthday which is in February. One of the things I have heard over and over again is that if you start too soon, when you’re children are too young or when they’re simply… [Read More]

My Essential Baby Buys

From nappy dispensers to potty mitts (seriously, they do exist!), I thought I would put together a list of baby items that I think are essential. I will also mention a few items which I wish I hadn’t bought, mainly because they haven’t been used. Essential Buys: * Angelcare Sound and Movement Sensor for peace of mind at nightime  * Asda Little Angels Fitted Cot & Moses Basket Sheets. These are very good quality and even better value for money * Lanisoh Nipple Cream. Expressing or breastfeeding this was my saviour!  * Asda own brand maternity pads * Asda own… [Read More]