Stressful toddler meal times

R and M are very good eaters. They’re constantly saying that they’re hungry! So why is it that when meal time arrives they somehow regress and turn into babies?! We literally have to spoon feed them! I remember a time when they’d quite happily sit down at the table with us, pick up their own fork, spoon or knife and just get on with it. What’s happened? I don’t understand! Not only that I’ll feed them half a chicken nugget and then they’ll tell me they’re not hungry anymore and don’t want anything else to eat! I’d never force them… [Read More]

Is it possible to feed two year old twins on £60 a week?

I remember the days well before we had children. In particular I remember just how far money used go. Our weekly food shop would come in at £60 a week for the two of us, sometimes less! Since having children that amount has increased substantially! When you factor in nappies, dummies and all the numerous other things children need there’s not much change out of £100! According to the Natwest Cost of Raising a Child Calculator it costs £30 a week to feed a two year old. For obvious reasons I’ve doubled that meaning the national average of feeding two year… [Read More]

Guest Post: Feeding the family on a car journey

Feeding the family on a car journey When it comes to feeding a family during a long car journey, an old adage applies: fail to prepare, prepare to fail. If you travel without sufficient supplies, you could be at the mercy of over-priced service stations, garage sandwiches and rocket fuel coffee.Follow our guidelines below to help ensure that the whole family is fed and watered for your journey.Feeding the adults It’s very easy to focus all of your attention on getting the food right for the children, but you also have to think about yourself and any other adults in… [Read More]

Twin mummy’s first trip to the city centre with the twins!

I have been saying to Twin Daddy for some time now that I really want to go somewhere on my own with the girls. This isn’t because I’m being antisocial or anything, its just because when Twin Daddy is at work during the day, the furthest I venture with our girls is our local area. I’m happy and more than confident to take the girls for a walk in the pushchair or go to the shops or to baby group but I wanted to do something more with them. I wanted to be brave and feed the girls their lunch… [Read More]

MAM Starter Cup Review

I was delighted to have recently been given the opportunity to review the MAM starter cup.  We started weaning our twins around 2 months ago and at the same time introduced a ‘first’ cup to our girls which we filled with water. They have this with each of their 3 meals a day.  The MAM starter cup is small and light making it perfect for small hands to hold. This cup is ideal for children from four months and it holds up to 150ml.  The handles are non-slip and the spout is extra soft so it feels good to babies… [Read More]

My Essential Baby Buys

From nappy dispensers to potty mitts (seriously, they do exist!), I thought I would put together a list of baby items that I think are essential. I will also mention a few items which I wish I hadn’t bought, mainly because they haven’t been used. Essential Buys: * Angelcare Sound and Movement Sensor for peace of mind at nightime  * Asda Little Angels Fitted Cot & Moses Basket Sheets. These are very good quality and even better value for money * Lanisoh Nipple Cream. Expressing or breastfeeding this was my saviour!  * Asda own brand maternity pads * Asda own… [Read More]