Bon Marche Breast Cancer Heart Motif T-Shirt Review

Bonmarche is the UK’s largest womenswear value retailer for women over 50 years. They pride themselves on offering quality clothing with appropriate styling, great value and in a wide range of sizes, along with outstanding customer service. Bonmarché was established in 1982 by two brothers who began their business on market stalls and opened their first store in Doncaster. The business expanded very quickly to a portfolio of over 200 stores when they were acquired by The Peacock group in 2002. When I was asked to pick an item of clothing to review I opted for this pretty Breast Cancer Heart… [Read More]


Mum This post needs no other title than that of ‘Cancer’. No description or sub-heading is needed. Nothing more than that one word. That one upsetting, devasting word. Cancer When I was 12 years old, I remember my mum and dad sitting me and twin sister down. They wanted to talk to us about something. Was I in trouble? What had done? I wracked my brain. Had I forgotten to hang my clothes up? Did I leave my plate on the sofa or my rubbish on the table? As 12 years old I didn’t really have any other worries than… [Read More]

My Big Mouth – Stop the Breastfeeding Guilt Trip

Image courtesy of Jomphong/ As many women and men know, breast milk is best for our babies. However, does that mean that new mothers decisions not to breastfeed are being overlooked? I was shocked to read the following headline today on the Daily Mail: ‘Baby formula milk should have cigarette style health warnings telling mothers breast is best, says top charity’ Save the Children say that they want large cigarette style warnings, big enough to cover at least a third of the packaging with the message that breast is best. Why am I so shocked by this? As a charity,… [Read More]

MAM Starter Cup Review

I was delighted to have recently been given the opportunity to review the MAM starter cup.  We started weaning our twins around 2 months ago and at the same time introduced a ‘first’ cup to our girls which we filled with water. They have this with each of their 3 meals a day.  The MAM starter cup is small and light making it perfect for small hands to hold. This cup is ideal for children from four months and it holds up to 150ml.  The handles are non-slip and the spout is extra soft so it feels good to babies… [Read More]

My Essential Baby Buys

From nappy dispensers to potty mitts (seriously, they do exist!), I thought I would put together a list of baby items that I think are essential. I will also mention a few items which I wish I hadn’t bought, mainly because they haven’t been used. Essential Buys: * Angelcare Sound and Movement Sensor for peace of mind at nightime  * Asda Little Angels Fitted Cot & Moses Basket Sheets. These are very good quality and even better value for money * Lanisoh Nipple Cream. Expressing or breastfeeding this was my saviour!  * Asda own brand maternity pads * Asda own… [Read More]